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dr tech

Can Your Genetic Information Be Hacked? - 0 views

    "Now, researchers warn that these "direct to consumer" services could be vulnerable to a sort of genetic hacking. By uploading selected DNA sequences, they say, it may be possible, for example, to pull out the genomes of most people in a database or to identify people with genetic variants associated with specific traits such as Alzheimer's disease."
dr tech

Largest dump in history: 2.7 billion records; 773 million of them unique; 140 million n... - 0 views

    "A dump called "Collection #1" has been released by parties unknown, containing email addresses and cracked passwords: in its raw form, it contains 2.7 billion records, which Troy "Have I Been Pwned" Hunt (previously) de-duplicated to come up with 773 million unique records -- of those 140,000,000 email addresses and 10,000,000 passwords have never been seen in the HaveIBeenPwned database before."
dr tech

Hacking a phone's fingerprint sensor in 15 mins with $500 worth of inkjet printer and c... - 0 views

    "$500 method for using a 300dpi scan of a fingerprint (which can be captured from a fingerprint sensor itself) to produce a working replica printed with conductive ink fed through a normal inkjet printer, in a prodcedure that takes less than 15 minutes. "
Ruben De Fraye

Hacking the Lights Out: The Computer Virus Threat to the Electrical Grid: Scientific Am... - 0 views

  • Last year word broke of a computer virus that had managed to slip into Iran’s highly secure nuclear enrichment facilities. Most viruses multiply without prejudice, but the Stuxnet virus had a specific target in its sights—one that is not connected to the Internet.
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