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Artificial intelligence: how clever do we want our machines to be? | Technology | The G... - 0 views

    "No arguments there, but the term, which stands for "artificial intelligence", has a more storied history than Spielberg and Kubrick's 2001 film. The concept of artificial intelligence goes back to the birth of computing: in 1950, just 14 years after defining the concept of a general-purpose computer, Alan Turing asked "Can machines think?""
dr tech

Artificial Intelligence will not turn into a Frankenstein monster | Technology | The Gu... - 0 views

    "Apocalypsarians who are equally convinced that a super-intelligent AI will have no interest in curing cancer or old age, or ending poverty, but will - malevolently or maybe just accidentally - bring about the end of human civilisation as we know it."
dr tech

Robot Madness: Will Cyborgs Compromise Privacy? | LiveScience - 0 views

  • Sixth Sense allows people to interact seamlessly between the physical and online worlds, using a webcam, small projector and wirelessly connected mobile phone. Credit: MIT Media Lab
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