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Andra Keay

Craigslist: An ideal model for Internet Governance - 1 views

    I wasn't previously a plan of Craigslist per se, however, as I'm so excited about the possibilities of peer to peer open source social networking ( it seems the time to reflect on the addition of a social layer of governance to the internet (Lessig in Code2.0 re identity layer), or the reverse, adding internet architectures to governance, which is Alice Goldmann is describing here.
Andra Keay

Google buying Global IP for $US68.2m - 1 views

    Kind of a scary headline after today's class. Not quite what it sounds though. .. Or is it? Google owns or controls content. Now Google owns more content. If you look at Benkler's definition of layers (via Lessig), both the physical layer and the content layer have been subject to ownership and freedom exists/ed mainly on the layer of logic or code. Google is just a giant content aggregator.
Katharina Otulak

Italy and the Internet - 0 views

    Great comment by Lawrence Lessig on his speech at the Italian Parliament last week and the discussions that arose afterwards. In this article, he also summarizes the key issues of Italy and the Interent, covering censorship, copyright issues but also Italian's push to get the Nobel Committee to consider the Internet for the Peace Prize.
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