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Ed Webb

CHARTS: US Overseas Arms Sales More Than Tripled in 2011 | Mother Jones - 0 views

  • Much of the surge was driven exclusively by the ongoing freak-out over Iran: Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates (all Persian Gulf allies or partners of the United States) in particular started buying missile defense systems, fighter jets, and other hardware from the US at record levels, just in case Iran ever goes nuclear and tries to throw its weight around West Asia and the Gulf. Saudi Arabia's $33.4 billion deal included dozens of F-15 fighter jets and Black Hawk helicopters. The UAE threw down $4.5 billion for a missile shield and other toys.
Sana Usman

India is depressing with Pak-China ties. A.K. Anthony - 0 views

    Despite Pakistan has awarded the rank of "Most Favorite Nation" to India, yet Indian insanity to gather / assemble deadly weapons against its neighbors is still at its peak.
Sana Usman

Clinton failed to impress India, Oil supply continue from Iran - 0 views

    NEW DELHI: U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton failed to impress India on oil supply issue with Iran. India said it communal the United States' aim of preventing Iran from building nuclear weapons, but claims that Islamic republic of Iran remained an "important source of oil".
Ed Webb

Israel's Nuclear Ambiguity Reconsidered - 2 views

    I have asked the W-S library to acquire a copy of the book discussed here
    the last sentence there is a keeper. ah, the wonder of rhetoric - thus, when I informed a friend that I'd declared a double major in ENGL and POSC, he replied with "Oh, so you're going to be a professional bullshitter?"
Jim Franklin

Al Jazeera English - Middle East - Syria and Iran deny arms boat claim - 0 views

  • Syria has denied that a cargo ship loaded with hundreds of tonnes of weapons seized by Israel, was transporting Iranian arms to Syria.
  • "All the cargo certificates are stamped at the ports of origin, and this one was stamped at an Iranian port."
  • The weapons were "a drop in the ocean" of arms being shipped to Hezbollah, Ben-Yehuda said.
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  • Howver, Israel had not provided evidence that the arms were meant for the Lebanese group.
  • "The fact that the Israeli army chose to hold the press conference exactly the same time as the UN General Assembly was beginnning its debate on the Goldstone report [on the Israeli war on Gaza].
Ed Webb

The Associated Press: Israel says commandos intercept arms shipment - 1 views

  • Israeli commandos seized a ship Wednesday that defense officials said was carrying more than 60 tons of missiles, rockets and anti-tank weapons bound for Lebanon's Iranian-backed Hezbollah guerrillas.

    The pre-dawn seizure near Cyprus was a rare interception of a suspected arms shipment by Israel, which has long accused Iran of arming its enemies. Israel offered no evidence to support its claim that the weapons came from Iran and were meant for Hezbollah.

  • Eli Shaked, former Israeli ambassador to Egypt, said the growing arsenals of Hamas and Hezbollah are changing the balance of power between Israel and the Iranian-backed militant groups.
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