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sherryn moore - 2 views

    more IWB resources to support teaching of languages
Fred Delventhal

GmapGIS - A web based GIS application to draw on Google maps: polygons, lines, markers ... - 32 views

Fred Delventhal

Using BrainPOP With Student Response Systems | BrainPOP Educators - 36 views

    ...The way to do this is to have a blank Smart Notebook page open in transparent view over BrainPOP. Transparent view can be activated by clicking on "View" then selecting "Transparent Background." ...
Fred Delventhal - 3 views

    via Dani Hall
Jess McCulloch

What Stage Am I At? - Innovations Showcase - DOE - 19 views

    Hi Jess, could I also add, that there is a greater issue with interactive Whiteboards. Some of the big teaching colleges and Universities in Australia did not have any!! or they were very outdated,... or they were bought the wrong ones!! As some of the Universites are tech phonic... the reality of interactive whiteboards is up to the inspiration of the academic.... Something which is not that transparent when you look at fancy marketed websites.
    Could I also add, being a primary school trained teacher and academic in education, most retiring academics do not wish to learn to teach with technology (out of their comfort zone) and believe.... firmly that face to face ... is the only educate. Technology has been pushed globally into the education system, with pedagogy taking last place. Pedagogy is the teaching strategies where teachers construct learning in a classroom, when they are given a broad socially constructed curriculum... i.e the teachers science or magic potion which supports student learning. while interactive whiteboards add an amazing dimension to learning, it is only as good as the student teacher, who is often thrusted into a teaching classroom,,, and needs to grapple with the technology as there are many products out there and work differently... need alone.... Batteries!!! yes batteries should always be in the tool kit of a teacher now.
Danny Nicholson

SMART Board resources and links - Lees Summit - 2 views

    Interactive Websites PreMade Notebook Activity Downloads Resources Training and Tutorials
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