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Contents contributed and discussions participated by hmcphillips h

hmcphillips h

Digital History - 3 views

  • They brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks' bells.
hmcphillips h

Dgh - Scientific Revolution - 0 views

  • came up with the heliocentric universe theory
  • Polish astronomer and mathematician
  • was also a translator, artist, physician, and scholar.
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  • invented the telescope using two lenses and a lead pipe.
  • realized that the solar system was heliocentric, and was promptly persecuted for it by the Church.
  • found that the milky way was not a light in the sky but a cloud made of many nebulas and stars
  • first person to create laws about inertia and gravity
  • first to discover sunspots and he also discovered many stars
  • study other sciences, like math, medicine, and poetry.
  • British mathematician and physician
  • invented calculus
  • three laws of motion, and the law of gravity
  • came up with the Binomial Theorem
  • His achievements helped other scientists like Einstein be able to discover the Theory of Relativity and Nuclear Fission.
hmcphillips h

Renaissance -- Out of the Middle Ages - 2 views

  • They lived in beautiful homes, employed great artists, and engaged in intellectual pursuits for both business and pleasure.
  • One of the cities that exemplified these new trends was Florence.
hmcphillips h

Kids Biography: Marco Polo - 0 views

  • lived in China for many years and learned to speak the language
  • The Silk Road referred to a number of trade routes between major cities and trading posts that went all the way from Eastern Europe to Northern China.
  • Marco Polo was a merchant and explorer who traveled throughout the Far East and China for much of his life.
hmcphillips h

Famines during the Middle Ages - 0 views

  • Medieval societies always feared having a lack of food. Crop surpluses were rarely enough to create viable storage systems and even the greatest lord could not keep enough grain to outlast a famine.
    every thing you need to know is all right here!!!!
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