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Anne McCormack

Google Calendar tips & tricks! - YouTube - 36 views

    works great!
Pavlína Hublová

Free Technology for Teachers: Create and Reserve Appointment Slots in Google Calendar - 17 views

    Zatím ještě nemáme k dispozici v českém rozhraní (alespoň jsem neobjevila), ale až budeme mít, pak nebude třeba plánovat schůzky přes Doodle - bude už na všechno stačit kalendář Google. Už se těším :)
Raul Babolea

YouCanBook.Me - 29 views

    Easy and efficient way to book events online.  Works directly with google calendar and can be embedded into webpages.
Raul Babolea

iPhone Sync Settings - 23 views

    Site to sync multiple Google Calenders to your iOS device.
Fred Delventhal

Productivity Suite: Email / Calendar Solution Comparison - 21 views

    UC Berkley chooses to go with Google over Microsoft. Here's why...
Ginger Lewman

Taking control of your Calendars: Part 1 | Betchablog - 53 views

    I'd been treating iCal as my "source of truth" calendar and then making it sync outwards to Google Calendar.  As it turns out, I now realise I was thinking about it all wrong. The trick is to make the Google Calendar the "source of truth" calendar and then have it sync out to everywhere else.
    I have a lot of information about the latest products that are promotional in
Lisa Winebrenner

Google Teacher Academy Resources: Google Calendar - 11 views

    Agenda: Intro, What can Google Calendar do for you? What can Google Calendar do for your class and students? What can Google Calendar do for you school? Taking Google Calendar to the next level, Hands-On, Wrap-Up
Francesc .

didácticaTIC Google Calendar: herramienta de gestión de calendarios - 5 views

    Google Calendar: herramienta de gestión de calendarios
Peggy George

BusySync - Sync iCal and Google Calendar - from BusyMac - 0 views

    excellent software for Macs to sync iCal with Google Calendar. Free 30-day trial, $25 to licencse it. Winner of Macworld Eddys 2008. Can also sync to iPhone as read-write. Great blog with other useful Mac tips and very clear visual tutorials on using the tool.
    Software for Mac OS 10.4 and Leopard 10.5. In addition to syncing calendars on your LAN, BusySync syncs with Google Calendar, allowing you to: * View and edit calendars online - Calendar events can be viewed/edited in both iCal and Google Calendar and automatically synchronized between the two. * Sync calendars between home and work - Users can sync their home and office computers with Google Calendar (as an alternative to syncing calendars with MobileMe). * Share calendars remotely - Users in remote locations can share calendars with each other by syncing with Google Calendar, even while traveling.
Cheryl Davis

Google Calendar CalDAV support - Calendar Help Center - 0 views

    Syncing Google Calendar with iCal
Lucy Gray

Spanning Sync - Sync iCal and Google Calendar - 0 views

shared by Lucy Gray on 18 May 08 - Cached
  • Synchronize Google Calendar and Apple iCal. Share calendars between multiple Macs. Share calendars with your coworkers, family, and friends. And while you're at it, connect Google Calendar to your iPod, mobile phone, and other devices.
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