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Ed Webb

YouTube - BBC Panorama: ADDICTED TO GAMES? - Part 1 of 2 - 2 views

    See Part 2 also
    Goodness. Love how they use WoW's own music against addiction jujitsu!
    I gather that Panorama has gone downhill.
    And did have some fun poking at this on Infocult.
Ed Webb

Excessive internet use linked to depression, research shows | Technology | - 0 views

  • a small proportion of internet users were classed as internet addicts and that people in this group were more likely to be depressed than non-addicted users.
  • The mean age of the 18 internet addicts, 13 of whom were male and five female, was 18.3 years.
    • Ed Webb
      They found 18 adolescents who are somewhat depressed? Astounding!
    I call bullshit. Yes, you heard me - bullshit.
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