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How to Protect Your Information Online - 0 views

    Advice: always assume that you are being hacked; use strong passwords; don't trust security questions to protect your data

A Student's Need-to-Know Guide to Web Security - - 1 views

    1. Don't download free media. 2. Don't overshare personal information on social media accounts. 3. Change passwords regularly. 4. Be cautious on public networks and computers.

What Is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)? | - 2 views

    This website discusses procedure and purpose of encrypting sensitive data over the internet. SSL is a protocol which "determines variables of the encryption" being used to protect information from first names to credit card numbers. This website also tells you how to determine whether or not a website is secure or if your information is vulnerable. In addition, there is another page that delves into the mathematics and actual cryptography procedures behind online encryption like RSA and ECC.

Business breaches, celeb photo hack raise online privacy concerns | The Buzz | www.acc... - 0 views

    The thing I found very interesting about this article is the discussion about ex-NBA owner Donald Sterling. Yes, his comments were horrifying, but he said things in the privacy of his home. I guess what I, and this article, are trying to say is that privacy is dead and all information is vulnerable.

Protesters Are Targets of Scrutiny Through Their Phones - 2 views

    An app circulated among the protesters in Hong Kong that supposedly was for coordinating protest efforts, but was in reality a phishing attack that would track keystrokes, messages, and identity information of devices it was installed on. Many signs point to the Chinese government as the origin of the malware, though. Not the first time a government has done something like planting spies and monitoring protestors. We saw this in Little Brother too, with the DHS spies on the Xnet.
Ryan McLaughlin

Britain's GCHQ Uses Online Puzzle to Recruit Hackers - - 0 views

    Instead of hiring "upper-class twits from Oxford and Cambridge," A government communications agency tried a new angle on recruiting hackers. They decided to combat hackers with other experienced hackers by posting an online puzzle and offering a job interview to those who solved it.
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