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Abbey Roberts

Dying cipher suites are stinking up TLS with man-in-the-middle vulns - 0 views

    Example of how improving technology requires new encryption that hasn't yet been cracked

The Mysterious Treasure of Thomas Beale - 1 views

    I found this article and liked it because it gave me a lot of information about the Beale Cipher and treasure, even more information than Singh. I especially was interested in the reasons describing the possibility of it being real or a hoax.

They Cracked This 250-Year-Old Code, and Found a Secret Society Inside | WIRED - 1 views

    I'm just going to resubmit the bookmark directly to this page so I'll be sure it ends up publicly in the group. This wasn't mentioned in Singh chapter 2, but it was created around the time period discussed in the chapter. (Plus, it's one of my favorite articles I've read in Wired so I really wanted to use it as a bookmark.) The article discusses the strategies used to break this cipher, some of which, such as frequency analysis, we have talked about in class. It's also just fascinating to read about the Oculists and their history.

Could There Have Been a Revision of Beale's Letters? - 1 views

    I found this interesting because it mentions the fact that there may have been a revision to the Beale cipher before it was published.

Kasiski Analysis Online Tool - 5 views

    For longer ciphers, Kasiski analysis is useful for determining possible keywords using a modified frequency analysis and repetition analysis. This is an online tool to find repeat sequences in a ciphertext, and can be used to quickly decrypt a Vigenere ciphertext.

CrypTool-Online / Ciphers / Gronsfeld - 3 views

    This outlines the gronsfeld cipher, which is a modification of the vigenere cipher. I like and find this cipher interesting because of it using numbers instead of letters, and I like cryptography which uses numbers.
    Interesting. Gronsfeld ciphers then form a subset of Vigenere ciphers. That is, there's a one-to-one correspondence between Gronsfeld ciphers and Vigenere ciphers where keywords are formed from the letters A through J.

Crypto Club: Crack a Substitution Cipher - 4 views

    A more user-friendly way to work on monoalphabetic substitution ciphers, includes frequency charts

BA jihadist relied on Jesus-era encryption - 0 views

    Interesting article that shows how even though we think we're very advanced at cryptography, sometimes an old and outdated technique slips through the cracks in our defenses.
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