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Derek Bruff

My Detainment Story or: How I Learned to Stop Feeling Safe in My Own Country and Hate B... - 1 views

    Here's that firsthand account I mentioned the other day, of a producers from the public radio show On the Media who was detained at the border when returning from a wedding in Canada.

Documentation | Qubes OS - 0 views

    This provides information on a OS that is like paranoidlinux used my Marcus. It is also available to download.
Derek Bruff

Security or Surveillance (with image, tweets) · derekbruff · Storify - 0 views

    And here's the collection of tweets from me, @maddagaska, and Cory Doctor about the choice of terms "security" and "surveillance."
Derek Bruff

How a mathematician teaches "Little Brother" to a first-year seminar / Boing Boing - 0 views

    Here's Cory Doctorow's blog post about my blog post about our debate mapping activity.
Derek Bruff

Little Brother | Book Poster | Litographs - 0 views

    Little Brother, the entire book, on a poster.
giordas - 1 views

    Essentially, this paper goes through the types of gait recognition software that currently exist as well as the reliability of this software. There are a lot of different elements that influence a persons gait (like terrain, shoes, fatigue, etc.), which effects how well the software works. It's a pretty heavy read but it's really interesting if you want to just jump to a certain section and read in depth. This technology is very much out there and in development, and it is definitely being improved upon.
    Also, even though this paper is a little bit older, it is still being cited in a lot of more recent research papers and I thought it would give a good enough grasp on the science for our purposes.

Is your Smart TV spying on you? | The Privacy Post | Find out how your Internet connect... - 0 views

    This was a bit surprising. More and more people are getting smart TVs so this could be a serious problem.
Riley Dankovich

How the Government Is Tracking Your Movements | American Civil Liberties Union - 1 views

    This article, though very clearly biased, describes the ways in which the movements of citizens are being tracked by both technology and the police. The video/information slides are obviously carried out with bias, but the information is still there. The end of the article has some interesting (helpful?) information about what the judicial system is ruling on cases involving location tracking without warrants.

Walk the Walk: Gait Recognition Technology Could Identify Humans at a Distance - 1 views

    Interesting how this article talks about the gait analysis being used for catching terrorists, while in Little Brother, it was used to keep track of the high school students. The technology is not quite ready to be used, but seems to be much more reliable than the gait trackers in the book.
    Georgia Tech Research Institute is making gait recognition technology a reality. "The ultimate goal is to detect, classify and identify humans at distances up to 500 feet away under day or night, all-weather conditions. Such capabilities will enhance the protection of U.S. forces and facilities from terrorist attacks."

Big Brother Is Watching You Swipe: The NSA's Credit Card Data Grab - 2 views

    The way NSA did to track individual's information in the credit cards.

Facial Scanning Is Making Gains in Surveillance - 0 views

    Facial scanning isn't quite to the point where it could be reliably implemented in a school, but it's not far off either.
Allison Molo

Shadow analysis could spot terrorists by their walk - tech - 04 September 2008 - New Sc... - 1 views

    Just like in Little Brother! Schneiner responds to this article here:

Laptop-Spying School Accessed Webcams 42 Times; FBI Begins Investigation - 3 views

    High school student suing Philadelphia's Lower Merion School District for remotely accessing his webcam. And maybe you read the Superintendent's response and thought, "well, maybe this whole business is getting blown out of proportion." It isn't.

You Are Being Tracked: How License Plate Readers Are Being Used to Record Americans' Mo... - 0 views

    There are already in place many automatic license plate readers on things such as road signs and bridges. This has purposes for helping track vehicles known to be owned by criminals, but simultaneously the tracking information is stored for millions of innocent people as well.

Protesters Are Targets of Scrutiny Through Their Phones - 2 views

    An app circulated among the protesters in Hong Kong that supposedly was for coordinating protest efforts, but was in reality a phishing attack that would track keystrokes, messages, and identity information of devices it was installed on. Many signs point to the Chinese government as the origin of the malware, though. Not the first time a government has done something like planting spies and monitoring protestors. We saw this in Little Brother too, with the DHS spies on the Xnet.
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