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Leslie Matamoros

Center for the Future of Museums: Introducing TrendsWatch: Your Digest of the Future - 0 views

    AAM, TrendsWatch, Center for the Future of Museums, Museums, Trends, 2012, Dispatches from the Future of Museums, Annual Report, Scanning, Crowdsourcing, Non Profit Status, Funding, Aging, Education
Ruth Cuadra

Algorithms Rule the World - [INFOgraphic] | Futurist Foresight - 0 views

    Whatever the purpose, algorithms will continue to shake up the status quo.
    I think our opportunity is to learn how they can personalize the museum experience... remember the data value chain graph-- descriptive to predictive to prescriptive. If we need to learn from another sector= 'Adaptive Learning Platforms' like Knewton and LearnSmart (McGrawHill)--- what are analogs for guiding museum goers?
Ruth Cuadra

The top 10 emerging technologies of 2016 - 1 views

    The World Economic Forum's annual list of this year's breakthrough technologies, published today, includes "socially aware" open AI. As technology for AI assistants expands, imagine that you could walk up to a display in a museum and ask a custom AI assistant any question you like about what you are seeing. Siri and Cortana and Google Assistant and Amazon Echo try to answer questions on all topics, but what if museums and other organizations could build their own add-on packs for their sphere of knowledge? The Getty, for example, would prepare answers to every question they've ever heard about "Statue of a Victorious Youth" and museum visitors (or maybe anybody in the world) could use the add-on pack to find out what they want to know.
Ileana Maestas

California State Parks Closures - 1 views

    Very current news articles regarding the status of the various Parks that are on the closure list and the efforts being made to keep them open.
Lisa Eriksen

The Magic of KidsTech: Enchantments and Curses | Institute For The Future - 0 views

    "with instant consumption, ambient assistance, and contextual awareness, the delay between desire and result is shrinking. Instant feedback and constant affirmation of status will be the norm. Patience may be a virtue, but it will be measured in seconds, not days." Look forward to spending time reading the full report. What is the impact on museums?  Can we keep up with expectations of gamified information streams?
Steve Prulhiere

Bad Credit Loans- Avail Immediate Financial Support for Needs and Expenses! - 0 views

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Ruth Cuadra

As Uber And Lyft Drivers Fight For Employee Status, Others Look Down The Driverless Road - 0 views

    Once an up-and-coming trend, ride sharing a la Uber and Lyft may be put out to pasture by driverless cars. The world is moving very rapidly.
Elizabeth Merritt

The great tax escape that is America's nonprofit sector | FT Alphaville - 2 views

    • Elizabeth Merritt
      Philip Hackney, @EOTaxProf, notes "same orgs were exempt back in 1862 when first income tax was enacted"
  • it turns out that the way the wealthy decide how to distribute cash is often even less fair than the way the state decides how to spend it.
  • More than half of the highly conspicuous donations of the ultra-rich were injected directly into the endowments of their already rich alma maters. Much of the rest was given to hushed museums in the form of very expensive donated art, or to other places that rich old people tend to congregate, like cultural arts centers and high-end hospitals. In other words, the funds the rich were giving went largely to institutions that tended to the needs and prerogatives of the rich and privileged.
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  • DAFs were being used to sidestep rules that require foundations to make annual donations to charities.
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