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Karen Wade

25-Report.indd - education_or_reputation.pdf - 1 views

    What will the emphasis on STEM, and the movement away from encouraging a liberal arts education (even at liberal arts schools) mean for the future of our culture? This report identifies trends leading us in that direction. So, considering these trends, what roles can museum play in promoting a liberal education?
Ariane Karakalos

Baby Boomer Trends That Could Impact You | Article - 0 views

  • Older Baby Boomers slated for retirement could create many new future job openings - if they decide to leave the job market at age 65. But that's a big "if." Several trends are now pointing toward delayed retirement due to increased personal expenses, better health and the desire to stay working - at least part-time - beyond age 65. For whatever reason, Baby Boomers are staying in the workforce longer than previous generations.
  • The BLS also predicts that the arts, entertainment, and recreation industry is expected to grow by 15 percent by 2018, with most of the growth in the amusement, gambling, and recreation sector.
  • Job growth is projected to stem partially from retired Baby Boomers who have more leisure time, more disposable income and more concern with being physically fit than the generations before them - all driving a need for more recreational programs.
Karen Wade

We're way too obsessed with pushing science and math on our kids. - The Washington Post - 1 views

    How important will the arts and humanities be in our future? That is the question!
Karen Wade

One man's uphill fight to stem childhood obesity - LA Times - 0 views

    How are we going to deal with the serious, long-term problems of childhood obesity if the funding keeps drying up?
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