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jonathan molloy

How to Speed Up, Clean Up, and Revive Your Windows PC - 0 views

    Windows users like myself have all experienced it when your computer starts to slow down.  this article shows tips and ways to improve how your computer runs, its speed and how it opearates as a whole.
Brandon Bare

Perform Nearly Any Windows Task with One Keystroke - 0 views

    This article represents a tool called the AutoHotkey. This is a downloadable program that will help you create shortcuts for system tasks in Windows. This tool can assign hotkeys such as shutting down or restarting your computer, adjusting volume, and opening/closing the CD drive, etc. I find this very convenient for people who use their computers everyday because it arranges a more faster and easier use for system task. It is also very useful for people who are lazy and don't want press buttons on certain areas of the computer or monitor.
Farid Manafov

10-year-old Windows XP Ad Predicted the Future of Computing | Wired Enterprise | - 1 views

    Now 10 years later when we have the shiny Windows 7 out, and Windows 8 coming out soon, we must remember the OS that changed it all, Windows XP. This is the reason we have all these things that we didn't have before like talking to friends via our PC, Wireless networking and more. Happy birthday Windows XP, you are always better than Vista.
codrin gherghel

Can Microsoft Salvage Windows Phone? | TechCrunch - 0 views

    When Microsoft launched Windows Phone last year, I was of the opinion that it was a platform that would never build steam. The entrenched players - iOS, RIM, and Android - already controlled the market, and the hiatus between the last Windows Mobile phone and the first Windows Phone was too long for even the most dedicated or curious customers to wait. According to buyers and reviews, the windows phone had everything pleasing about from display to run times and lets not forget the interface. The reason windows didnt sell so many of their phones was because the time between windows phone left a big gap and many people were just simply not interested
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