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Matt Visitacion

Twitter Rolls Out New Profiles, Taking Another Page From Facebook - ReadWrite - 0 views

    This article talks about the new twitter update which includes a new twitter profile page. But many people question this update because Twitter has made profile pages look much a like Facebook profile pages. The new larger profile picture, and the different header placement is very similar to the Facebook profile picture and timeline picture. Another change in Twitter is the variety of font sizes for tweets that have more importance than others on your profile. Also, when tweeting photos, it will no longer show a link but a small picture card in your feed. This is very similar to the Facebook style of posting photos on your Wall. Twitter is becoming a lot more like Facebook and this may cause the number of people that use Facebook to switch to the more popular Twitter since many of the features are now similar.
Winnie Huang

Identity theft reportedly rampant on Facebook, protect yourself | Digital Trends - 0 views

    Simply, there are creepers on the internet that will steal whatever image you think yourself to be without hesitation and then commit mysterious, illegal, dangerous, suspicious activity under your name which could unfortunately get you into jail even though you are innocent. This is a fact. And you know what helps them create this problem of identity theft? It is the information people freely and openly decide to share on their social media accounts like Facebook. Just one insignificant status allows bad people to assume your identity - all they even need is a vague birth date and birth place, and you are basically done for. YOU COULD BE FRAMED. This goes beyond security issues and transcends what illegal is defined as. Say goodbye to your privacy laws and hello to a never ending game of pretend. Identity fraud is swarming on this site and people don't even realize the massive extent it goes to. People are oblivious and frankly don't care if someone is unfortunate enough to fall victim to identity theft.
Radu Cernatescu

How Facebook Plans To Take Over The Internet - ReadWrite - 0 views

    "Mobile World Congress on Monday, Zuckerberg delineated some of his plans for moving forward with, the initiative led by Facebook to bring Internet connectivity to poor countries around the world. 

    While Zuckerberg touted the altruistic vision of his company's goal to connect the next one billion people, it's important to note that the project isn't just for the sake of bringing basic services to those that don't have it, but rather bringing millions of additional eyeballs to Facebook and its advertisers. 

    See Also: Hey Facebook! Connecting The World To The Web Isn't Enough
    "[We are] making it so that we can increase the amount of up-sells to subscriptions when they're using these basic services," Zuckerberg said in his keynote. "They will come to a link that isn't included in the basic services package; a popup that says, ok if you want to consume this, you have to buy this data plan."

    Facebook is making a long-term promise to both data carriers and advertisers-Zuckerberg said the next one billion people to attain Internet access will not be as affluent as those already on Facebook, thus making it harder to monetize the company's services. Zuckerberg said the social network will subsidize Facebook, Messenger, and other services like weather or basic news and information, and then provide up-sells in applications to deliver the whole package-like a gateway drug. Those up-sells are where carriers and Facebook make money.

    "The reason why they're not on [the Internet] is they don't know why they would want to get access to it," Zuckerberg said. "[We will show] people why it's rational and good for them to spend the limited money that they have on the Internet."

    How WhatsApp Fits Into

    Facebook recently spent $19 billion to acquire the mobile messaging application WhatsApp, an application Zuckerberg claims will be one of the few services to amass a billion users in the future. He claimed that, by it
James Zabbal

Facebook Buying Messaging App WhatsApp for $16 Billion - Mac Rumors - 0 views

    I found this article interesting because of what Facebook is saying. They are saying that teens don't think Facebook is popular anymore to that age group so with the purchase of WhatsApp, teens will be able to enjoy Facebook again. WhatsApp is this hugely popular cross-platform messaging app that allows users to chat with individuals or groups, as well as sending files and pictures back and forth. The cost for this purchase was $4 billion dollars and $12 billion in Facebook shares. I believe this is a good purchase because this will increase Facebook's popularity even more than what it already is
    Facebook has just bought the messaging app Whatsapp for a $16 billion. Whatsapp is a messaging app where people with different phones that having different operating systems such as android, iphone, windows and blackberry, can chat. I personally think Facebook buying this app was a really bad idea. I use this app frequently to talk to friends and family and when Facebook took control of the app on Saturday, it was terrible. The servers crashed and were down for most of the day and I was hardly able to use it. Whatsapp should of stayed as its own company and never should of made a deal with Facebook.
Nicole Trezzi

Facebook Provides 56 New Gender Identity Options - ReadWrite - 0 views

    On the 13th of February, Facebook made a change to their gender identity on profiles. You can now choose from the existing "male" and "female" option, but now there are also 56 different gender identities. Some options include agender, cis, gender fluid, transgender, and neither. Not only did Facebook change the identity, you can now also control what your friends can refer you as- male, female or neutral (they/their). Facebook worked with a group of leading LGBT organizations to help select the new genders in the option, now the only thing people ask for in the comments of this official announcement is for Facebook to change the "Interested in" option.
    thoughts & opinions?
Lynn Bui

Facebook Phone - 0 views

    This article is about Facebook launching a phone. In the past Facebook has said that it will not launch it's own phone, but recently Facebook has invited journalists to the unveiling of Facebook's "new home on Android." TechCrunch says Facebook will launch a modified version of the Android that embeds Facebook deeply into the operating system. More than half of Facebook's 1.06 billion monthly users access Facebook on a mobile device. This phone would help Facebook with its mobile aspirations.The phone will be made by HTC Corp.The unveiling took place at the company's Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters.
Lynn Bui

Exclusive: Apple, Macs hit by hackers who targeted Facebook | Reuters - 0 views

    This article is about how Apple was hacked on Tuesday February the 19th, 2013. Basically, unknown hackers infected some Apple workers computers when they visited a website for software developers This website had been infected with malicious software that was designed to target Mac computers. Some people are saying that the malware could have originated from China, but there is no proof. Some of the malware was distributed through a site aimed at iPhone developers. It might still be infecting visitors who haven't disabled Java in their browser. F-Secure a security firm wrote that the hackers might have been trying to get access to codes for apps on smartphones which would allow them to infect millions of app users. Hackers recently found out a sophisticated way to attack Macs by exploiting a flaw in Adobe Systems Inc's Flash software. What I find very interesting is that the breaches described by Apple mark the highest-profile cyber-attacks to date on businesses running Mac computers. This shows that we should make an effort to protect our information especially since one of the largest technology companies has been breached. With cyber security attacks on the rise, we should all be aware and careful of the sites that we are visiting. Apple workers simply visited a website for software developers and became infected with the virus. The hackers are breaking many laws by hacking Apple, Apple intents to find the hackers with the help of the police.
Joshua Soosaithasan

Facebook's Never Had A Big User Data Breach, But May Never Recover When It Does | TechC... - 0 views

    This article talks about the problems Facebook could have if it were to be breached by a hacker. Facebook is one of the biggest social networking websites to date and is the biggest holder of personal information, and yet they have been able to keep this information safe from hackers. Comparing to Twitter who had 250,000 accounts accessed by hackers, Facebook has done a remarkable job to keep our information safe, and although they have been able to do so for now, eventually they will have to face the problems of hackers.

    When you look at Facebook over other social networking sites like Twitter and Tumblr, there is a big difference when it comes to privacy and security. Twitter, for instance, is a more public social networking site with the odd soul that locks their account from the public. Facebook has privacy by default, which means Facebook has a lot more to lose if they were to get hacked.

    The physical damage that would pertain to us would include some of our photos and messages might be stolen, and the worst that could happen would pertain to credit card information, but Facebook would jump on and respond to these problems with password changes and other stuff. The real damage that would hit Facebook hard would be the psychological damage, and it would nearly destroy them. When something big happens in our society, the media jumps on this and will twist the truth in the story to give us, the viewers, the best story that will manipulate us into thinking an entire wrong. Facebook would be all over the media, whether it be on the radio, on the internet, on the news or in newsprint. The world would know about what happened, and fear would sweep across the globe. 

    People would start asking questions about what is safe on Facebook and if it is safe at all. Facebook already has a problem with people not being sure if everything is safe on Facebook, and this would just ruin everything for Facebook. No matter how much Facebook tries to keep its network safe, i
Liam Liu

Do You Ever Take Time Off From Facebook? - 0 views

    This article takes the results of a research center which says that approximately 61 percent of Facebook users will take random breaks from the site, and can go for weeks at a time. The people who have answered this survey say they take time off of Facebook because A. Lack of time to dedicate to updating their profiles. B. They are losing interest in the site. or C. Facebook is a waste of time. I believe this is true because I personally have noticed that Facebook is slowly losing consumers to other social network such as Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Tumblr, ect. I also feel like this article is truthful because recently Facebook has been losing lots of its stocks, and its price for their stocks is below par compared to when they were starting up. This article relates to eLifestyle tag because this shows how people may be less reliable on their social network website (Facebook) and may be having a more social life, rather than being on the internet.
Anthony Dao

How is Facebook Addiction Affecting Our Minds? [INFOGRAPHIC] - 0 views

    Social networking is a very big thing in today's society.  there are many social networking sites on the Internet, but none as big as Facebook.  With approximately 1 billion users, it is no wonder why it is so successful.  But with everything comes a consequence.  There are many downfalls to using Facebook.  

    One reason why Facebook is a problem to today's society is because since we are so addicted to Facebook, it can damage our minds. Receiving and answering a notification results in a hit of dopamine, a chemical neurotransmitter associated with the motivation and rewards response in the human brain.  Dopamine is also released when we consume drugs, etc.  

    This seems foolish right?  well In China, Taiwan, and South Korea, "Internet Addiction Disorder" is already accepted as a psychological diagnosis.  Facebook and other social networking sites can have damaging effects, such as a decrease in our attention span.  Since 2000, our collective attention span has increased by 40%

    It effects our lives because since almost everyone is on Facebook, or any other social networking site, almost everyday, we start to become distracted, less focused, and have a shorter attention span, which could potentially mess up future generations.  For one, we become distracted in class, and instead of listening to the teachers, we're always on our phones (or any other devices) checking our notifications.

    Now that we have learned what Facebook and other social networking sites can do to us, is there really a way to resolve this issue?
Dragos Penelea

Facebook: $7 To Promote My Status Update??? - 0 views

    This post is about an idea that Facebook is testing slowly in more and more countries as time goes by. Facebook is considering introducing "Promotions" to personal posts. What this means is basically that you can pay $7 to move your posts on facebook higher up in the news feed. This increases the chance of your friends seeing your post as it will be higher up in the news feed for a longer period of time. This is a test that is being used on facebook users with less than 5000 friends in the U.S. I find this strange, wouldn't it make more sense for facebook to test this feature on people with a higher number of friends? Moreover, I think that this is a bad idea coming from Facebook, because $7 dollars is likely more than the average annual revenue per individual user. For a multi-billion dollar company such as facebook, I think this is a greedy and unnecessary move on their behalf. They have more money than they could ever need, yet they want to charge $7 dollars to promote a post...This could work for business posts, however, to me it seems absurd for an individual to pay $7 dollars  to promote their post on facebook, which will likely only last near the top of the news feed for a couple of hours maximum.
Melissa Yu

Mashable Poll: Majority Says No to Under-13 Facebook Users - 0 views

    Over the past few years, Facebook has grown to become one of the largest social networking sites in the world. People everywhere, young or old, have leapt at this opportunity to connect with friends or family from all over. This article brings up the possibility of creating a Facebook option that is available specifically for under 13 users as the current Facebook is only supposed to be available to users over 13. This new option would allow parents to create a link to their child's website and edit the Facebook Timeline options to whatever they think is appropriate. However, this possibility is met with a lot of opposition. People believe that allowing kids younger than 13 onto this site could be risky as they would be more susceptible to the dangers of cyber bullying and abuse. They believe that kids would simply be too young to understand the dangers of the internet and as a result would not know how to stay safe. Letting kids go on social networking sites like Facebook at such a young age is a huge decision. How do you know what is the right one?
    Despite the over 13 rules on Facebook, there are still thousands of young kids on this site that had simply lied about their age. It isn't hard to get onto this site. No matter what we do, with or without this new Facebook option, there will undoubtedly be young kids on Facebook. This fact is unavoidable. That is why I think that this alternate Facebook for children is not necessarily a bad idea. If we can't keep kids off of Facebook then we might as well work to make a safer version of it for them. Although, I don't condone young kids using this site, I am aware of the fact that we can never keep them all away from it and if that's the case then we might as well do all we can to protect them while on it. The growing world of technology is going to reach the younger children at some point and instead of trying to shield them from this other world and forcing them to explore it behind our backs, I thin
    k we should find safer ways for them to discover this cyber world and educate them on its dangers.
    This article highlights people's concerns about rapidly growing social networks in the cyber world and its expansion to target younger children. It simply gives us a look at how much Facebook has really grown and what they are willing to do to keep it growing. It has grown so quickly and so has its number of users. It is only natural that young kids want to see and learn about what has fascinated so many of older people.
ecaterina smirnov

A Facebook App That Aims to Keep Private Photos Private - - 0 views

    This post is about a new app made by McAfee which is meant to be an extra security for people's photos on Facebook. We know that even if we put our privacy settings on "only friends" there are ways through comments, likes and mutual friends that people you do not know can come across your pictures and download, print or upload them on a different site. This app helps protect by asking users to list who will get to view their photos. Only those people on the list will get to see the photo no matter who is friends with who, or who likes or comments on it. People not on the exact list will only see the photo blurry and barely visible. In addition to that nobody will be able to grab, print or download the photos even if they are on the list of people who can see the photos. This app is only in its development or "beta" phase, but it is already free to download and use on Internet Explorer and Firefox. The company is still working on versions for Chrome and mobile devices. Before concluding they did mention that there are still ways to photograph the photo with your phone, if you have a clear picture.
    I believe this app is a big step to having online security. This app can help stop the spread of your photos before it starts. People may not think about their internet security very often but it is important to know that once it's on the internet it's on there forever. With internet popularity growing and growing we must also know the dangers of posting photos and protect ourselves. Facebook allows so much public information to be revealed this app can ensure you have a more private account.
    In my opinion this is a great app and considering that it is free while it is being developed I think people should try it out. Although it's only available on Firefox and Internet Explorer it is already a leap in the right direction. However, as it was mentioned earlier you can still have people take photos from their phones. Nevertheless, if you chose the correct people on your list
Adrian Galope

Facebook for PS Vita adds photo uploading, support for all system languages -- Engadget - 0 views

    This article talks about facebook for PS VIta update. The new version 1.01 has some new decent new functionality such as uploading images to your news feed, you can also tag images and enjoy any of the system languages of the device while you do so. This new update is useful because PS Vita camera is like useless when you can't upload your pics from your PS vita to facebook. I was disappointed with the facebook app for the vita because it sucks and it is pain to use but I think this will be the start to change the system of the facebook app in PS Vita. 
Nicholas Hann

Facebook buys instagram - 0 views

    Facebook buys instagram for 1 billion dollars. I believe they bought it because they see the potential of making more money and because it is exploding and a lot of people are buying it, it could make even more than 1 billion dollars.
Kadeesha P

Dear Facebook, Please Don't Ruin Instagram - 0 views

    Now that Facebook has bought instagram, fans are concerned that like other bought apps Instagram is going to be ruined by Facebook. For Facebook buying instagram is a great investment. I think that instagram will not only remain popular but also grow in it's popularity.
Jizelle Pineda

Facebook launches 'groups for schools,' keeps enrollment tight -- Engadget - 0 views

    This article is about how Facebook created a new feature to their website. They allow many students to collaborate with other students and faculty members to share documents that aren't copyrighted. Since, many have left Facebook for other social networking sites and have become bored of it Facebook this new group will attract them to come back. I think that this new feature they added will attract many more users, especially those who are in colleges and universities because it is an easy way to communicate to those in your classes and it is user friendly. 
Brandon Bare

Facebook Acquires Instagram - 0 views

    One on the most popular social networking sites, Facebook, obtains Instagram. Instagram is a trending photo/camera app that many iPhone users are currently using. This will affect facebook users who like uploading and sharing their photos in a great way, because it will give them more options. I think Facebook will manage Instagram very well because they are very experienced in working with apps and software. The creators of Instagram also believe that Facebook will change and work with them in an efficient way.
Jizelle Pineda

38% of Children on Facebook Are Younger Than 12 - 0 views

    This article is about how 38% of children on Facebook are younger than 12 years old. I found this to be really shocking! Even though there are privacy settings for Facebook, you still have to be careful with the people you talk to. Another thing i found surprising was that 74% of parents are worried about their children's safety, yet they still let their children on Facebook. There are many things that parents have to look out for when their children are on Facebook. Including sexual predators and cyber bullying. Even though parents say they are concerned it doesn't show in the stats when there are 6 year olds on Facebook.  
    This article talks about how 38% of children on Facebook are younger than 12! There is an age restriction on Facebook, you must be at least over 13 to have an account. This shows how the generations have really evolved. Children under the age of 6 already have Facebook accounts! All parents are concerned about their children's safety but by allowing them to be on Facebook at an early age might be in more risk. Children can have sexual predators, expose too much information, talk to strangers and many more. I think that parents shouldn't be exposing their children to networking site at such an early age.
Malaika Thompson

Instagram Rockets to No. 1 in App Store in Wake of Facebook Deal - 0 views

    A few days ago i had posted a link that was talking about how a lot of people had started leaving instagram since facebook bought it, but now it seems it's doing the opposite. For the first time ever, instagram is at the top of the iOS free apps catalog. The article even states that people are starting to join instagram because of all the hype. IT seems that they want to see what instagram is about and if it's really as amazing as people claim it to be. In my opinion, i think the hype for instagram will eventually die down and be another one of those 'used to be apps' like temple run.
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