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anja c. wagner

Mob4Hire: Mobile Testing, Usability, Market Research | Microtask Tasks - 2 views

  • You can think of the Mob4Hire crowd as a global community of people in over 152 countries, living a mobile lifestyle, that can do nearly anything you need them to (task must be ethical, of course), in exchange to being paid for their time and expertise. Our team of project managers makes sure you get quick results for your microtasks. And, thanks to our 128-bit encrypted escrow payment system, money will stay in our safekeeping until both parties agree that the tasks are complete. This guarantees your satisfaction!
    Na, das nenne ich Business 2.0 - globales mobiles Personal zum Mieten ...
anja c. wagner

The Future of Work: As Gartner Sees It | Upside Learning Blog - 3 views

  • Gartner points out that the world of work will probably witness ten major changes in the next ten years. Interesting in that it will change how learning happens in the workplace as well. The eLearning industry will need to account for the coming change and have a strategy in place to deal with the changes.
  • 1. “De-routinization” of work.
  • 2. Work swarms.
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • 3. Weak links.
  • 4. Working with the collective.
  • 5. Work sketch-ups.
  • 6. Spontaneous work.
  • 7. Simulation and experimentation.
  • 8. Pattern sensitivity.
  • 9. Hyperconnected.
  • 10. My place.
    Ein MUST-READ für alle!!
anja c. wagner

YouTube - The Future Of Work - 5 views

    Dieses Video dürfte für alle AGs von Interesse sein ...
    Quatsch, war für meine Studi-AGs gedacht - aber für Euch sicherlich auch von Interesse ;-)
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