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MPAA: you can infringe copyright just by embedding a video - 0 views

    A brief article that provides legal background info on the issue.
Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang

YouTube copyright lawsuit back on - 0 views

    This is the latest on the Google/Viacom copyright issue over videos on youtube.
Rachel Henderson

Lawyer assesses Pinterest's copyright situation - 0 views

    These are the kinds of risks today's digital users face without even realizing it. How many of us actually sit down with a site before registering for an account and read through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy? Or if you do, how far do you get before you're bored to death or completely confused? This kind of stuff terrifies me. But why are we at fault? Does this mean I have to delete my Pinterest account?
Benjamin Myers

Why wait? Six ways that Congress could fix copyright, now - 0 views

    Going back to an older discussion, I thought some might be interested in this article. It puts forward ideas for how copyright issues could be addressed. The website in full might also be interesting to some.
Jessica Murphy

How Red Hat Killed its Core Product-and Became a Billion-Dollar Business - 0 views

    This article examines how Red Hat transitioned from free open source software to a system they sell through a subscription with updates, patches, and bug fixes. Red Hat still provides free code, though; a community project called Fedora provides "a testing ground for the enterprise features delivered to Red Hat's paying customers," allowing both the company and the users to benefit from collaboration. This article shows the balance of sustainability between free and paid access. It also echoes Kenneth Goldman's claims in Uncreative Writing because the CEO says, "If you believe in the concept of modular innovation where a lot of different people add to works that came before them, patents clearly slow that down."
Sandy Baldwin

The ecstasy of influence: A plagiarism, By Jonathan Lethem (Harper's Magazine) - 0 views

  • higher cribbing
  • worth
  • se for perpetual copyright is a denial of the essential gift-aspect of the creative act.
    Highly influential article about the essentially plagiaristic nature of all culture production, an article that itself is composed entirely of "borrowed texts." An excellent short and direct argument for uncreative writing.
Jessica Murphy

Over 90% of Facebook Users Hate Having Photos of Them Posted Without Approval - 0 views

    This title made me think, "Duh," but apparently 8% of survey participants thought that posting photos or videos of other people without consent should be illegal. One person said the issue "should be regarded the same as it is for printed materials." Another person pointed out that it's actually illegal to record people without their permission, but that photos/video taken in a public setting tend to fall under public domain. I usually create a private folder and then let the people in the photos review them and consent to my publishing them first. What do you think?
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