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mathane - 0 views

    this artile goes into more detail about what we have read so far in the book. it explains how landfills are releasing large quanties of methane.

mountains out of landfills - 0 views

    this article explains how we are making mountains out of landfills. how america is wasting 40,000 to 100,000 dollars of food out of ever 1 million spent.

Should Food Waste Be Banned from Landfills? · Environmental Management & Ener... - 0 views

    if we banned food waste from landfills, the united states would lower the methane gas that is produced from the food waste. if we keep the landfills the methane gases would increase.
Veronica Guzman

Food for Thought Video - Food Waste the Missing Link in Recycling - - 0 views

    This article talks about how America is on board with recycling, but its priorities have mostly been cardboard and plastic. It talks about how we don't pay attention to one of the most important problems food waste. NATH Sustainability Solutions is an involved organization that works with schools and restaurants and they bring awareness to the people about food waste.
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