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Ashley Bussey

Moldy matters: How wasted food is destroying the environment - - 0 views

    Food waste ranges from 25 - 75 percent, depending on the food type, that amounts to 1.3 tons of edible food that's tossed each year. The food industry creates up to 30% of the world's annual carbon emissions. That's not it, it creates more emissions once it's discarded to landfills.
Jorge Castillo

Green tips: Food - CNN - 0 views

    Individuals need to be aware where the food they eat comes from. Eating organic food is one way to go. This article givers five important tips to reduce food waste.
melissa diaz

All About: Food waste - CNN - 0 views

    In this article statistics compare how much food is wasted between countries all over the world. Also, methane is a greenhouse gas that is much more dangerous than carbon dioxide.
    Food is biodegradable so whats the problem? This article explains the danger in food littering.
    This article talks about how much it costs the US to get rid of the food waste. It also talks about how food waste releases methane, which is more harmful than carbon dioxide. 
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