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Alexis Krysten

ICT in my Classroom - 1 views

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      Top 3 Best Examples of Excellent Customer Service in Healthcare Using Custom CRM Software - 0 views

        Top 3 Best Examples of Excellent Customer Service in Healthcare Using Custom CRM Software Table of Contents Overview: Examples of Excellent Customer Service in Healthcare Using Cus...


      started by vardakhan on 01 Jul 21 no follow-up yet
      Christopher Pappas

      Just Remember: PC GAMES for Effective Written Feedback - 0 views

        "The purpose of this article is three-fold: (a) to provide the definition and identify the benefits of an effective written feedback, (b) to identify the components of an effective written feedback, and (c) to provide an acronym that reminds instructors of the importance of providing effective written feedback for their students. "
      Martin Burrett

      Vocal Recall - 0 views

        "An amazing feedback app. Create QR codes and attach audio feedback for students/parents to listen to. QR codes are emailed to you after requesting them from the app. Glue into books to evidence your feedback. Get your students to reply to begin a conversation about their work."
      Antwak Short videos

      "Design Thinking (IDEO - Framework) for better UX" by professionals - 0 views

        Design thinking is an act of creative problem-solving. Design thinking has a human-centred core. It uplift organizations to focus on the targeted audience, which conducts better products, services, and internal processes. While creating a solution for a business need the first question must be what's the human need behind that? The six phases of a design process: Six Steps of a design thinking process Six Steps of a design thinking process Observation: This phase is about noticing the end-user, learning, and being unlocked to creative possibilities. Here the goal is to understand the target audiences Ideation: In this phase, you start analyzing ideas with your team based on what you gathered from phase Rapid prototyping: Here you are going to rapidly put up a simple prototype of your plan. This builds it real and provides you with something to try out with the end-user. The aim of this phase is not to generate the perfect solution but to make sure the solution is on target User feedback: This is the censorious phase where without input from the end-user, you won't know if your solution is on target or not, and you won't know how to evolve your design Iteration: Once the feedback is received from the end-user, you can proceed with the changes of your design using that information. Keep repeating, testing, and combining user feedback until you've adjusted your solution Implementation: Here you have confirmed the functionality of your solution with the end-user and acquired your design just right, now it's time to get your ideas into functionality IDEO design thinking process: IDEO ( developed a unique process which came to be known as IDEO design-thinking frame-work. IDEO Design thinking process Design thinking process by IDEO By their own admission, IDEO did not invent design thinking, but they have become known for practicing it and applying it to solving problems small and large. It's f
      Nigel Coutts

      The Language of Praise & Feedback - The Learner's Way - 0 views

        Praise and Feedback occupy significant spaces in the lives of our learners. It should not be surprising then that the language we use to communicate praise and feedback can enhance or hinder our efforts.
      Martin Burrett

      Kaizena - 0 views

        "This is an amazing Google Docs add-on which allows you to make audio and other comments and feedback on students' work. It's a wonderfully easy way to mark homework and assignments. Students can also reply to feedback with audio comments."
      Nigel Coutts

      Collaborative Learning with Google Docs - The Learner's Way - 0 views

        Something is missing from my classroom lately and I am quite happy to have seen it disappear. It is the traditional line at the teacher's desk formed by students awaiting feedback on a recently completed piece of writing. What has replaced this is our use of Google Docs and Slides as a tool for the collaborative development of ideas from initial thinking and strategising through to final editing and refinement. It has introduced a new workflow to the class that both streamlines the process of providing feedback, allows for greater detail and transforms the process into one that is richly collaborative.
      Joachim Niemeier

      Providing Learners with Feedback-Part 1 - 0 views

        Providing Learners with Feedback-Part 1: Research-based recommendations for training, education, and e-learning.
      Joachim Niemeier

      Providing Learners with Feedback - Part 2 - 0 views

        Providing Learners with Feedback - Part 2: Peer-reviewed research compiled for training, education, and e-learning
      Mari Yamauchi

      A Dynamic Social Feedback System to Support Learning and Social Interaction in Higher E... - 8 views

        A Dynamic Social Feedback System to Support Learning and Social Interaction in Higher Education #elearning
      Antwak Short videos

      Insightful videos on "Interview Preparation" by 26+ professionals - 0 views

        Here's the step by step guide for Data Science Interview Process The Interview process begins directly from the point you begin investigating the various job positions that allure you. Furthermore, it goes up to the stage of in-person (face to face) interviews. Remember that this is a crucial interview procedure. You probably won't need to experience every single step in your interview procedure. Comprehend and follow the Different Roles, Skills and Interviews Update your Resume and Start Applying! Telephonic Screening Clearing the Assignments In-Person Interaction(s) Post-Interview Steps The above-mentioned steps will be helpful all through your Interview preparation! Know about different Roles, Skills and Interviews in Data Science The main thing you need to comprehend is that there are many jobs in the data science environment. An average data science project has a life cycle. A data scientist is just one part of an effective data science project. Let's check out a quick run-through of different data Scientist job roles. Data Scientist Business Analyst Data Analyst Data Visualizer Analyst Data Science Manager Data Architect AI Engineer PC Vision Engineer You need to have great correspondence and critical thinking skills. You need not know Python and technicals skills. A data architect will probably be tested on his/her programming skills. Get prepared as per the company's expectations. Prepare for the interviews- Create your Digital presence Over 80% of employers we addressed revealed that they check an applicant's LinkedIn profile. Recruiters need to crosscheck and assure the claims made in the resume are genuine or not. You ought to have a LinkedIn profile. It ought to be updated and enhanced by the role(s) you're applying for. Make a GitHub account. Writing computer programs is a crucial task in the data science job role. Transferring your code and ventures to GitHub helps the recruiters see your work directly. Regularly
      Dr. Eduard Eisenrith

      letsfeedback - kostenloses Audience und Student Response System - 0 views

        • Dr. Eduard Eisenrith
          für Vorlesungsablauf sehr innovativ und unterhaltsam
        Live-Feedback auf Fragen im Hörsaal durch mitgebrachte Handys, iPads etc
      Martin Burrett

      Plickers - 0 views

        Amazing Apple and Android app which allows you to take a poll from your class instantly using the camera on your device. Your students simply hold up the symbol for the multiple choice answer they wish to give. The app logs how many answered each choice, but also who chose which answer - Making assessment and feedback easy.
      Martin Burrett

      Triventy - 0 views

        "Create polls and quizzes for your pupils to answer using their devices. Invite pupils to contribute to quiz questions and collect detailed data for assessment and feedback."


      MINDSET THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY OF SUCCESS Mindset the new psychology of success pdf," written by Carol S. Dweck, is a groundbreaking exploration of human potential and achievement that delves into the ...

      book story news

      started by mdalmamun99 on 13 Aug 23 no follow-up yet
      Martin Burrett

      GoClass - 0 views

        This is a wonderful site for designing lesson plans and collating resources to push out to an iPad app for students to access and interact with. You can put together websites, videos, audio, documents, images and instructions. You can make quizzes for your students to answer to provide you with instant feedback about how they are doing. Your students can make their own notes about the lesson from within the app.
      Nigel Coutts

      The rewards of highly collaborative teams - The Learner's Way - 0 views

        Not that long ago I was a writer of interesting and engaging educational programmes. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. The programmes that I wrote and shared with a team of teachers were generally well accepted and the feedback offered was always politely positive. I enjoyed writing these programmes but in recent times I have enjoyed even more stepping away from this process and in doing so empowering the team of teachers that I learn with. The programmes that this team produces far exceed the quality I could ever have hoped to produce but more importantly the students are benefiting from their experience of highly engaged and thus engaging teachers.

      6 startups later - the trials and challenges I faced (and overcame) as a founder - 0 views woman bleeds twice:1. At the age of 142. When she starts her fi...

      evc anjli anjlijain startup entrepreneur

      started by evcventures on 19 Apr 16 no follow-up yet
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