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Jose Antonio da Silva

download.php - 1 views

    Useful Clil websites
John Onwuegbu

Special Report: 8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs Using Content ... - 2 views

    Now, what ways can you get the best possible lead generation out of your company's content using web syndication?
Mary Beth  Messner

Sample branching scenario + cool tool » Making Change - 23 views

  • Branching scenarios can be a pain to design. Happily, you can use a simple tool called Twine to easily draft the scenario and produce it.
  • Twine works in Windows and on the Mac, it’s free, and it publishes scenarios in easily customized, accessible HTML. It’s based on TiddlyWiki, a lightweight information management tool.
  • Since Twine produces a standard web page, you could conceivably embed a Twine story in any elearning tool that lets you embed web pages and that doesn’t interfere with Javascript. It might also be mobile-friendly — at least, the sample scenario works on my iPhone.
Mary Beth  Messner

Creating a Sense of Time in Online Courses | Faculty Focus - 35 views

  • While we all agree that the five-year-old unnarrated PowerPoint is a dangerous and ineffective piece of content in an online course, we would also all agree that we can’t redo each narrated piece of content each semester. How do we strike a balance between creating content that is fresh (more on that in a moment) and being able to reuse content that is valuable?
  • For teachers it makes them participate in the content, revisit the content they created in the past, and make it delivered in a “present” time for the students. For students it tells them that the teacher “was just here,” and that this stuff is happening now. It makes the content seem more relevant, and helps build a sense of community in the course.
  • By creating content that has elements of real time associated with it, instructors can generate a sense of presence and freshness that are often missing in online courses.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Lastly, keep the flowers fresh.
  • A sense of time is created in discussion boards because they have only that week to complete the work and there is an understanding that the conversations happen in time. But often asynchronous discussions have wide gaps of time between student interactions. One way to bring time closer to the students is to allow them to subscribe to forum threads they are involved in. You can do this in most LMS solutions. Students get an email alerting them to activity in the thread they are active in and it brings them closer “in real time” to the events happening in the class. While this can be overwhelming in larger courses, in a class of 20 or 30 students it usually does not amount to an unreasonable amount of email notifications. One of the most effective ways to bring timeliness to an online course is do a quick recap of previous week, as well as provide a preview of what is expected for the current week. Using screen capture software to go through the course and set expectations is a great way to not only share a bit of yourself with students, but it is a pre-emptive way to answer questions students commonly ask.
Mary Beth  Messner

Zendo | passionate learners - 0 views

    Zendo not only creates flashcards from user notes, but it also tracks how well the learner knows the content of the flashcards.
David Wetzel

Elearning Replaces the Traditional Model of Teaching and Learning - 3 views

    Emerging Web 2.0 technologies are discussed in the perspective of how elearning is evolving into a future dominated by personal learning environments.
    Upload, find, and share papers and courses with your students.

eLearning firm WHBS announces 30 days free access to all online courses in ilearnsmart ... - 0 views

    White House Business Solutions (WHBS) announces the 30 days free access to all courses in ilearnsmart as a New Year festival Offer. Ilearnsmart currently offers academic courses in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for K-12 students along with the courses on Management Skills and IT skills for professionals. Ilearnsmart being a Software-as-a-Service e-learning portal, all these courses are offered on subscription model. For more information
Gytis Cibulskis

OpenLearn - The Open University - 0 views

    The OpenLearn website gives free access to course materials from The Open University. The LearningSpace is open to learners anywhere in the world.
    Nice and elegant implementation of Moodle Virtual Learning Environment by The Open University of UK, loaded with the bunch of courses made available as open content.
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