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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jo Fothergill

Jo Fothergill

Battle Hymn - 0 views

    this isn't a hymn usually heard here in NZ - but it's a great arrangement featuring school choirs
Jo Fothergill

IMPACT '08 - The Social, Cultural & Ethical Impact of ICT Innovation - 0 views

shared by Jo Fothergill on 31 Mar 08 - Cached
  • Social Interaction August 18 How are innovations in ICT impacting on how people interact?  What is the impact of innovative ICTs eliminating the tyranny of distance and time?  Community Building September 15 What impact does ICT innovation have in building communities?  And, has the concept of community changed away from a geographic focus?  And what is the impact on the individual’s association with their multiple communities?
    • Jo Fothergill
      could be of interest to educators
Vicki Davis

The tags we're using - 299 views

started by Vicki Davis on 29 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
  • Jo Fothergill
    am a little confused - do you mean the bookmark tags? or the topic tags?

    Vicki Davis wrote:
    > I hope some of you will take a look at the tags-- I had to make them shorter than I use in delicious b/c of how they show up on the screen. Just testing this - we need to get these tags settled pretty quickly before they get into wide use.
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