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Vicki Davis

Uh oh: Wi-Fi exposure may be worse for kids than we thought - - 10 views

    Make sure girls don't put their cell phone in their bra (not kidding) and there are many concerns about wifi for kids. We need to consider and review this information -- although there are no long term studies of wifi and kids and nothing linking wifi - there are concerns particularly with RF/EMF exposure. Sleeping with your cell phone or other wireless device is definitely a bad idea. (Hat Tip Diane Ravitch)
Vicki Davis

Can the FCC Create Public Super Wi-Fi Networks? - 0 views

    No, the government isn't CREATING a WIFI network (the Washington Post didn't really look at this), however, this article on Gizmodo does share what is happening at the FCC that could help many, especially those in rural areas, be part of the world's new digital landscape. As we work to put devices in our student's hands, this sort of development could make a big difference for kids and can further spur online and blended learning initiatives as digital divides are further bridged. Applause? Can we have it next week? "Let's get one thing straight: the government is not creating its own "super WiFi network", but its plans will indeed make awesome new WiFi networks possible. Technically, what the FCC is actually trying to do is increase the amount of open spectrum that is available for WiFi networks of all sorts-and for other "unlicensed" uses. This is a very good idea."
Anne Bubnic

Wi-Fi Turns Arizona Bus Ride Into a Rolling Study Hall - 3 views

    Part of a wider effort to use technology to extend learning beyond classroom walls and the six-hour school day. Internet buses may soon be hauling children to school in many other districts, particularly those with long bus routes. The company marketing the router, Autonet Mobile, says it has sold them to schools or districts in Florida, Missouri and Washington, D.C.
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