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Ed Webb

The New Book Banning by Walter Olson, City Journal 12 February 2009 - 0 views

    Children's books burn, courtesy of the federal government. 12 February 2009
Ed Webb

News: Who Really Failed? - Inside Higher Ed - 10 views

  • "I believe in these students. They are capable,"
  • "We are listening to the students who make excuses, and this is unfair to the other students," she said. "I think it's unfair to the students" to send a message that the way to deal with a difficult learning situation is "to complain" rather than to study harder.
  • the university's learning management system allowed superiors to review the grades on her first test in the course
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  • scores on the second test were notably better than on the first one, suggesting that students were responding to the need to do more work
  • while her dean authorized her removal from teaching the course, she said, he never once sat in on her course
  • she may include "too many facts" on her tests
  • the incident "raises serious questions about violations of pedagogical freedoms."
  • many other comments about the course standards were positive, with several students specifically praising Homberger's advice that they form study groups. One student wrote: “My biggest AHA‐reaction in this course is that I need to study for this course every night to make a good grade. I must also attend class, take good notes, and have study sessions with others. Usually a little studying can get me by but not with this class which is why it is my AHA‐reaction."
    This is a travesty
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