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Michael Walker

A Tech-Happy Professor Reboots After Hearing His Teaching Advice Isn't Working - Techno... - 5 views

  • Not everybody has to teach with technology, but it does need to be deeply embedded throughout the ecosystem we create on campus - and not because "that's what students want" or "that's where the students are."  The surprising-to-most-people-fact is that students would prefer less technology in the classroom (especially *participatory* technologies that ask them to do something other than sit back and memorize material for a regurgitation exercise).  I use wikis, blogs, twitter and other social media in the classroom not because our students use them, but because I am afraid that social media might be using them – that they are using social media blindly, without recognition of the new challenges and opportunities they might create.  I use social media not only as an effective teaching tool that encourages participation, but also as a way to broaden the media literacy of our students.  In this regard, we still have a great deal of work to do.  We need to embed new media literacy more deeply into the curriculum so that it isn't just this "one crazy Anthropology class" (as I have heard my class fondly referred to by students) that showed them how they can effectively use these tools in ways they had not yet imagined, while also allowing them to see a little more clearly how these tools are using them, altering their habits, sensibilities, and values as well as the larger structural contexts in which they live.
    • Michael Walker
      This is a key quote from Wesch here.
  • Whatever tool professors can find to conjure that—curiosity and a sense of amazing possibilities—is what they should use, he says. Like any good lecture, his point may be more inspirational than instructive. "Students and faculty have to have this sense that they can truly connect with each other," he concludes. "Only through that sense of connection do you have this sense of community."
    • Michael Walker
      The connections and relationships forged in the learning are the key!
    Michael Wesch's transformation
Angela Maiers

Digital Ethnography » Blog Archive » "An anthropological introduction to YouT... - 0 views

    All you ever wanted to know about You Tube- another great from Dr. Mike Wesch from Kansas State
Victor Hugo Rojas B.

Desappearing languages. Enduring Voices Project, -- National Geographic - 7 views

    As big languages spread, children whose parents speak a small language often grow up learning the dominant language.
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