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Shelly Terrell

Mark Frydenberg: The Flipped Classroom: It's Got to Be Done Right - 3 views

    I am flipping my staff professional development sessions also. Teachers watch training videos on their own. Then I use screen-o-matic to capture crucial points of a handout I distribute and assign mini homework lessons prior to meeting. Then when we all get together, I use a Google doc form to get quick responses to kick off table talk. Teachers seem to llike that they can go at their own pace of learning prior to meeting.
Russell Ogden

Flipping The Classroom… A Goldmine of Research and Resources To Keep You On Y... - 7 views

    Alan November's Building Learning Communities Conference present a post rich in resources on the Flipped Classroom
Katie Wardrobe

Flipped Classroom: Beyond the Videos | Doug Woods - 2 views

    Great article about the flipped classroom model and why it's about more than requiring students to watch videos.
Camilla Elliott

The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture for Tinkering and Maker Education « U... - 5 views

    Excellent overview of the model of exploratory learning.  Tinkering.
John Pearce

Why Flip The Classroom When We Can Make It Do Cartwheels? | Co.Exist: World changing id... - 0 views

    In some ways, the flipped model is an improvement. Research shows that tailored tutoring is more effective than lectures for understanding, mastery, and retention. But the flipped classroom doesn't come close to preparing students for the challenges of today's world and workforce. As progressive educational activist Alfie Kohn notes, great teaching isn't just about content but motivation and empowerment: Real learning gives you the mental habits, practice, and confidence to know that, in a crisis, you can count on yourself to learn something new. That's crucial in a world where, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, adults change careers (not just jobs) four to six times or where, as an Australian study predicts, 65% of today's teens will end up in careers that haven't even been invented yet. We don't need to flip the classroom. We need to make it do cartwheels.
John Pearce

The Flipped Classroom Model: A Full Picture « User Generated Education - 8 views

    "What follows is an explanation of the Flipped Classroom Model, a model where the video lectures and vodcasts fall within a larger framework of learning activities. (Note: I am titling it the Flipped Classroom Model to get folks' attention given the Flipped Classroom popularity right now.  It really is a cycle of learning model.)  It provides a sequence of learning activities based on the learning theories and instructional models of Experiential Learning Cycles - and Bernice McCarthy's 4MAT Cycle of Instruction-

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