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C Reed

The Dark History of the Multiple-Choice Test | Edutopia - 2 views

    Science evangelist Ainissa Ramirez reveals the questionable origins of the multiple-choice test and questions whether this is truly a valid form of assessment.
Mark Smith

Daily Kos: Notice to All Banker Types from a Teacher - 8 views

  • This is not meant in any way to be punitive. We realize that in some areas of the country it will be tough to get your depositors to the stated benchmarks due to unemployment, and poverty. But we must stress that there are no excuses. We believe in you as bankers and we believe in depositors' innate ability to grow their bank accounts.
Todd Finley

Fighting the Tests - 7 views

    The Phi Delta Kappan by Alfie Kohn is old (2001). However, the author's argument against standardized testing continues to inspire.
Sheri Edwards

CMS Test results invite scrutiny - - 0 views

  • Staff at both schools will collect 10- to 15-percent pay hikes based on this year's scores, money that goes away next year. The raises, paid for by county commissioners eager to see kids succeed at low-performing schools, illustrate the rewards and penalties that can hang on test scores.
  • In 2006, a principal split Garinger into five academies with specialized themes. The New Technology school emerged strong, but the rest of the campus struggled.
  • She was convinced the dismal pass rate could change but believed many needed stronger skills to pass exams. “We really had to put the brakes on things,” she said. That meant letting strong students go straight into the EOC classes. But weaker ones took a semester or more of preparatory classes designed to boost their reading, math or science skills.
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  • The Observer analysis shows an unusually large number of Garinger International students sidestepped EOC courses in 2008-09. (See box.)
  • This year the school added juniors, which meant enrollment grew by almost 50 percent. Yet the school gave 46 fewer tests.
  • In English I, which all ninth-graders must take, Garinger International's pass rate went from 67 to 81 percent.
  • the only thing we have to vary is the time it takes to attain the standards. We do not all learn at the same rate.
  • It sounds like the principal is trying to help all her kids be successful. Why must that be cause for suspicion??
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