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Julia Robert

What Is TOEFL Test - 3 views

    TOEFL is the test of English as a Foreign Language.It is designed to evaluate the English proficiency of people whose native language is not English.It is the most widely respected English language test, highly recognized by more than 7,500 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130
C Reed

Free ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension Practice Test - 1 views

    Try our free ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension practice test. We have challenging practice questions designed for ACCUPLACER Reading test prep.
Katie Anderson

NAEP - What Does the NAEP Writing Assessment Measure? - 4 views

    Important to consider what NAEP will assess in comparison with state writing tests, especially as they are being reformatted (e.g., Texas with the STAAR test).  
Leslie Healey

Students Know Good Teaching When They Get It, Survey Finds - - 11 views

    • Leslie Healey
      we are teaching an added SAT review class to all juniors this year--there has been much consternation about the conflict between teaching to a test in SAT and our methods teaching lit and writing in the Brit Lit course.
  • One notable early finding, Ms. Phillips said, is that teachers who incessantly drill their students to prepare for standardized tests tend to have lower value-added learning gains than those who simply work their way methodically through the key concepts of literacy and mathematics. Teachers whose students agreed with the statement, “We spend a lot of time in this class practicing for the state test,” tended to make smaller gains on those exams than other teachers. “Teaching to the test makes your students do worse on the tests,” Ms. Phillips said. “It turns out all that ‘drill and kill’ isn’t helpful.”
C Reed

The Dark History of the Multiple-Choice Test | Edutopia - 2 views

    Science evangelist Ainissa Ramirez reveals the questionable origins of the multiple-choice test and questions whether this is truly a valid form of assessment.
Sheri Edwards

CMS Test results invite scrutiny - - 0 views

  • Staff at both schools will collect 10- to 15-percent pay hikes based on this year's scores, money that goes away next year. The raises, paid for by county commissioners eager to see kids succeed at low-performing schools, illustrate the rewards and penalties that can hang on test scores.
  • In 2006, a principal split Garinger into five academies with specialized themes. The New Technology school emerged strong, but the rest of the campus struggled.
  • She was convinced the dismal pass rate could change but believed many needed stronger skills to pass exams. “We really had to put the brakes on things,” she said. That meant letting strong students go straight into the EOC classes. But weaker ones took a semester or more of preparatory classes designed to boost their reading, math or science skills.
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • The Observer analysis shows an unusually large number of Garinger International students sidestepped EOC courses in 2008-09. (See box.)
  • This year the school added juniors, which meant enrollment grew by almost 50 percent. Yet the school gave 46 fewer tests.
  • In English I, which all ninth-graders must take, Garinger International's pass rate went from 67 to 81 percent.
  • the only thing we have to vary is the time it takes to attain the standards. We do not all learn at the same rate.
  • It sounds like the principal is trying to help all her kids be successful. Why must that be cause for suspicion??
    What do you think?
Todd Finley

Fighting the Tests - 7 views

    The Phi Delta Kappan by Alfie Kohn is old (2001). However, the author's argument against standardized testing continues to inspire.
Patrick Higgins

Reading Rockets: The Six Ts of Effective Elementary Literacy Instruction - 7 views

  • The issue is less stuff vs. reading than it is a question of what sorts of and how much of stuff. When stuff dominates instructional time, warning flags should go up.
  • In less-effective classrooms, there is a lot of stuff going on for which no reliable evidence exists to support their use (e.g., test-preparation workbooks, copying vocabulary definitions from a dictionary, completing after-reading comprehension worksheets).
  • In these classrooms, lower-achieving students spent their days with books they could successfully read.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • In other words, in too many cases the lower-achieving students receive, perhaps, an hour of appropriate instruction each day and four hours of instruction based on grade-level texts they cannot read.
  • No child who spends 80 percent of his instructional time in texts that are inappropriately difficult will make much progress academically.
  • These exemplary teachers routinely offered direct, explicit demonstrations of the cognitive strategies used by good readers when they read. In other words, they modeled the thinking that skilled readers engage while they attempt to decode a word, self-monitor for understanding, summarize while reading, or edit when composing. The "watch me" or "let me demonstrate" stance they took seems quite different from the "assign and assess" stance that dominates in less-effective classrooms (e.g., Adams, 1990; Durkin, 1978-79).
    • Patrick Higgins
      This makes great sense: children need to see what experts do when they read.  
  • I must also note that we observed almost no test-preparation activity in these classrooms. None of the teachers relied on the increasingly popular commercial test preparation materials (e.g., workbooks, software). Instead, these teachers believed that good instruction, rich instruction, would lead to enhanced test performances.
Katie Anderson

Education Week: NAEP Writing Exams Going Digital in 2011 - 6 views

    NAEP writing tests are moving toward digitalization. An Ed Week report. Question: what does this mean for how teachers will teach writing? 
Donalyn Miller

U.S. Plans Major Changes in How Students Are Tested - - 9 views

    This article describes a national initiative to overhaul the design of our current standardized testing system.
Todd Finley

Easiest way to evaluate Candidates : Zoho Challenge - 9 views

    Online test creator + scoring and analysis.
Dana Huff

The Readability Test Tool - 5 views

shared by Dana Huff on 17 Apr 13 - Cached
    Test readability of a page by URL or direct text input. Includes Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning-Fog, Coleman-Liau, and ARI.
James Miscavish

Resources for Vocabulary Study - 1 views

    his is vocabulary material for 131 novels or short stories. Vocabulary words listed for each literary selection appear in the selection and are on The Shakespeare List . Tests and exercises are included for each selection. Anytime a teacher has students r
Mark Smith

t r u t h o u t | "Value-Added" Assessment: Tool for Improvement or Educational "Nuclea... - 4 views

  • The growing enthusiasm over value-added assessment, however, belies what is actually a damaging policy for public education. Value-added assessment promises, rather, to dismantle teachers' unions, deintellectualize teachers' jobs, to refashion schools according to corporate-profit-making initiatives and to burn out experienced teachers at ever faster rates. What its proponents fail to realize is that value added contributes to the destruction of public education by 1) participating in a broader corporate reform scheme of privatization and 2) objectifying knowledge, or turning knowledge into "things," that is, units that can be measured, compared and transmitted at the expense of genuine learning.
    • Mark Smith
  • There are two basically different ideas of educational value at play in this debate. For proponents of value-added assessment, standardized tests contain certain, verifiable and numerically quantifiable knowledge. The tests are mistakenly thought to be objective.
Suzanne Rogers

AP Language materials - 14 views

    AP Rhetorical device AP Language argumentation ppt Sample Language test AP style analysis notes Rhetoric of Marc Antony in JC appeals
Todd Finley

What is a Learning Strategy - 7 views

    "Learning Strategies Learning strategies refer to methods that students use to learn. This ranges from techniques for improved memory to better studying or test-taking strategies. For example, the method of loci is a classic memory improvement technique; it involves making associations between facts to be remembered and particular locations. In order to remember something, you simply visualize places and the associated facts. Some learning strategies involve changes to the design of instruction. For example, the use of questions before, during or after instruction has been shown to increase the degree of learning (see Ausubel). Methods that attempt to increase the degree of learning that occurs have been called "mathemagenic" (Ropthkopf, 1970). A typical study skill program is SQ3R which suggests 5 steps: (1) survey the material to be learned, (2) develop questions about the material, (3) read the material, (4) recall the key ideas, and (5) review the material. Research on metacognition may be relevant to the study of learning strategies in so far as they are both concerned with control processes. A number of learning theories emphasize the importance of learning strategies including: double loop learning ( Argyris ), conversation theory (Pask), and lateral thinking ( DeBono ). Weinstein (1991) discusses learning strategies in the context of social interaction, an important aspect of Situated Learning Theory. References: H.F. O'Neil (1978). Learning strategies. New York: Academic Press. H.F. O'Neil & C. Spielberger (1979). Cognitive and Affective Learning Strategies. New York: Academic Press. Rothkopf, E. (1970). The concept of mathemagenic behavior. Review of Educational Research, 40, 325-336. Schmeck, R.R. (1986). Learning Styles and Learning Strategies. NY: Plenum. Weinstein, C.E., Goetz, E.T., & Alexander, P.A. (1986). Learning and Study Strategies. NY: Academic Press. Weinstein, C.S. (1991). The classroom as a social context for learning. Annual Revi
Nik Peachey

Nik's Daily English Activities: Learn How to Correct Errors - 3 views

    Students often expect their teacher to correct their written errors, but students can also learn a lot from looking for and correcting errors in written work. This activity gives you the chance to test your correction skills and find errors in short texts using a site called BookOven and a tool called SpellChecker
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