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Nigel Coutts

Confronting the fear and challenge of a new curriculum - The Learner's Way - 1 views

    Our learners will never now a world where Digital Technologies are not the norm. Using solutions developed within this space and with this mindset is already their normal. Unless they are to be slaves to this technology we must also empower them to be creators of digital solutions. To do this we must begin with recognising the challenges that a curriculum built around mastery of Digital Technologies brings to our teachers and seek to understand the supports they require.
Nigel Coutts

A curriculum built on the fundamental questions of our disciplines - The Learner's Way - 1 views

    As we make plans for how we will engage our students in their learning the decisions we make become fundamental to how they will grow to understand the purposes of learning. How our learners approach the curriculum and the disciplines is fundamental to the outcomes we may achieve for them. One path will set them up to view learning as the acquisition of information the other to see it as a process of asking and exploring questions of significance through the many unique lenses.
Nigel Coutts

Learning with the New Science & Technology Curriculum - The Learner's Way - 1 views

    In the final weeks of 2017 a new Science & Technology Curriculum for Kindergarten to Year Six slipped into the schools of New South Wales. What does this new curriculum bring and what does it reveal about the nature of learning as we approach the year 2020?
Nigel Coutts

What if? Reflections from the ACSA Conference - The Learner's Way - 1 views

    Last week I spent three days thinking about curriculum and all that it means to teaching and learning thanks to the Australian Curriculum Studies Association's biannual conference. It was three days of deeply thoughtful conversation and learning with just the right mix of academic research and ideas for grounded practice straight out of innovative classrooms and schools. With keynotes by Alan Reid, Dan Haesler, Bob Lingard, Robert Randall and Jan Owen combined with Masterclasses from some of Australia's leading educators there was much on offer. The biggest challenge was deciding which workshop you would attend when every session offered such outstanding opportunities.
Nigel Coutts

Shaping the Curriculum - Exploring Integration - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    After two days of talking about curriculum, integration, STEM, STEAM and HASS I am left with more questions than I started with. In some respects, the concept of curriculum integration is simple. It is after all something that Primary teachers almost take for granted. But for Senior and Tertiary educators the question of curriculum integration is inherently complex. At all levels questions emerge of what curriculum integration might achieve, what purposes it serves, what it could and should look like and how it should be supported by curriculum planners. In the current climate, with its debate around the role of education within an innovation economy, shaped by technology and confronting demands for a STEAM enabled workforce the shape of our curriculum is under pressure. 
Angela Hoistion

Adapt online curriculum to multiple styles | - 7 views

    My goal is to adapt each curriculum to multiple learning styles to accommodate all students in every class. I understand the adaptation will probably be dynamic as students present the challenges they encounter during the course. I hope to collect the tools in this Scoop-it topic to allow for quick reference during my future courses that I teach.

Curriculum by Design: A differentiated approach to e-learning | - 7 views

    Curated by Damon Robinson on, differentiated e-learning promotes a student-centered curriculum that is an inclusive approach to focused instruction. This teaching strategy accommodates a variety of learning styles that maximizes student outcomes.
Cara Whitehead

Early Elementary Science Curriculum - K-2 Interactive Science Program - 0 views

    Online, interactive, standards-based science curriculum
John Porterfield

CAST: Center for Applied Special Technology - 3 views

    A nonprofit leader in education, CAST works to improve opportunities and outcomes for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning. Explore this website to find out more about CAST.
Michelle Altenberger

NASP - Cybersmart Cyberbullying Curriculum - 1 views

  • NASP is pleased to partner with CyberSmart! to bring to educators and parents the CyberSmart! Cyberbullying Awareness Curriculum, a positive and empowering suite of K-12 lessons provided free to schools. These materials can facilitate prevention of cyberbullying at the classroom level, and help provide outreach to families and the community.
  • We encourage NASP members to share CyberSmart! Cyberbullying Awareness Curriculum with teachers and administrators in your schools as part of your ongoing efforts to promote bullying prevention and school safety. They offer an excellent opportunity to provide a positive, practical resource that can benefit the entire student body at no cost to you or the district.
  • CyberSmart! develops training and resources that foster 21st century skills to increase student engagement and prepare students to achieve in today's digital society.
    Access to the CyberSmart! Cyberbullying Awareness Curriculum, a positive and empowering suite of K-12 lessons provided free to schools. These materials can facilitate prevention of cyberbullying at the classroom level, and help provide outreach to families and the community.
Sharon Benini

Google Custom Search - Curriculum Resources for Visual Arts Educators - 3 views

    A custom search engine for Visual Arts Educators to include the capability to search for National Arts standards, various curriculum resources, museums, art publishing and others.
Kathleen Ellis

Best Websites for Teaching and Learning | American Association of School Librarians (AASL) - 8 views

    This is the "Top 25" websites for teaching and learning presented at The American Library Association 2012 annual conference. As described on the ALA website, "The "Top 25" Websites foster the qualities of innovation, creativity, active participation, and collaboration. They are free, Web-based sites that are user friendly and encourage a community of learners to explore and discover." The websites are divided into the following categories: Media Sharing Digital Storytelling Manage & Organize Social Networking & Communication Content Resources Curriculum Collaboration
Travis Gibson

EdOptions | Connect. Grow. Succeed. - 0 views

  • For more than 15 years, EdOptions has been extremely proud to support students and educators across the nation and around the world by providing the highest quality web-based educational technology products to promote student achievement. In 2011, EdOptions joined the PLATO Learning family. This dynamic combination of innovative online learning leaders provides a broad array of proven and comprehensive solutions for driving success for every student.
    • Travis Gibson
      I've used this program for over 5 years. I think overall the program is a great way to give students an option to recover credits they've missed thoughout their high schoool career. I also think its a great option for students to free up their schedules for AP classes. However, I do feel that it lacks the ability to collaborate as a "community". Email is really the only option for collaboration.
    EdOptions is the online curriculum I use for my high school students. I currently serve 35 students within the program!

Educational Leadership:Reshaping High Schools:Put Understanding First - 4 views

  • The mission of high school is not to cover content, but rather to help learners become thoughtful about, and productive with, content. It's not to help students get good at school, but rather to prepare them for the world beyond school—to enable them to apply what they have learned to issues and problems they will face in the future.
    • jennibartels
      The Purpose of Schooling - a succinct reminder of why we do this
  • Learning for understanding requires that curriculum and instruction address three different but interrelated academic goals: helping students (1) acquire important information and skills, (2) make meaning of that content, and (3) effectively transfer their learning to new situations both within school and beyond it.
  • learning for understanding.
  • ...25 more annotations...
  • they will be able to make meaning of facts and address such questions when they naturally arise in their lives.
  • Unfortunately, the common methods of teaching and testing in high schools focus on acquisition at the expense of meaning and transfer.
  • Test results such as these reveal not a failure of coverage but a failure of transfer.
  • Out-of-context learning of skills is arguably one of the greatest weaknesses of the secondary curriculum—the natural outgrowth of marching through the textbook instead of teaching with meaning and transfer in mind.
  • Direct instruction.
  • Facilitation.
  • Coaching.
  • teachers provide opportunities for students to transfer learning in increasingly complex situations.
  • seek to help learners make meaning and understand important ideas and processes.
  • the teacher's primary goal is to help learners acquire basic information and skills through explicit instruction and modeling.
  • Research in cognitive psychology (Bransford, Brown, & Cocking, 2001) challenges the notion that students must learn all the important facts and basic skills before they can address the key concepts of a subject or apply the skills in more complex and authentic ways.
  • Begin with a hook problem.
  • Introduce essential questions.
  • Preview the culminating performance task.
  • Provide direct instruction
  • Provide practice on the basics.
  • Provide opportunities for further discussion.
  • Provide an application task.
  • Lead a whole-class discussion.
  • Provide a small-group application.
  • Revisit the original unit hook problem.
  • Assign the final performance task.
  • Give students opportunities to reflect on the unit's essential questions
  • The textbook should serve as a resource, but not as the syllabus.
  • In high schools today, acquisition of content for its own sake dominates teachers' and students' experience—and therefore, schooling fails to achieve its purpose for a sizable proportion of learners. The approach proposed here suggests that to reform the high school curriculum in a meaningful way, we must challenge the common practice of teaching knowledge and skill for acquisition first and then teaching for meaning and transfer later. Rather, we must recognize that the purposeful and effective use of content is the ever-present goal, and we must design all instruction with that goal in mind.
Diane Neary

Google Custom Search - iPad in the Curriculum or Classroom - 5 views

    The aim of this custom search engine is to develop a collection of readings and resources to assist in our faculty committee's deliberations. We are exploring whether or not to provide iPads to every faculty member and, in the next phase, to all students. 
Dennis OConnor

Open Educational Resources (OER) Commons - 2 views

  • Free to Use Openly Licensed 32183 Resources From K-12 to College Courses
  • Find Free-to-Use Teaching and Learning Content from Around the World
  • Recommended Resources Open Textbooks: Add your review to these free and open textbooks Career and Technical Education: Explore these vocational open educational resources to build general skills with software programs like MS Word and Excel, plan your career, and develop marketable skills. Classroom Management: Try this great selection for setting the tone and rules for your classroom and intentionally designing classroom life connected to student learning, social skills and behaviors. Science as Inquiry: Teach and learn science by doing active exploration and problem posing Art as Inquiry: Delve into visualization, creative thinking, and more artistic habits of the mind for arts-integrated learning across disciplines Leadership in Education: Advance the practice of being a leader, decision-maker, and collaborator in all aspects of education
Mary Fergal

Soft Skills Google Custom Search Engine - 8 views

As a former hiring manager, these were the qualities I looked for in a prospective employee. It's nice to know that adult and secondary educators are addressing the development of these skills. T...

soft skills training curriculum integration

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