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Roman Yazar Eşleştirme 2 - YouTube - 1 views

    Roman Yazar Eşleştirme

Roman Yazar Eşleştirme 3 - YouTube - 0 views

    Roman Yazar Eşleştirme
Walter Antoniotti

Students Personal Finance - 12 views

Students Personal Finance Internet Library has learning materials for students of all ages, parents, and teachers.

Online web2.0

started by Walter Antoniotti on 18 Jul 17 no follow-up yet
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Thoughts from 50 years of teaching HS and college - 28 views

Mobile video boss

collaboration online

Walter Antoniotti

Education Internet Library - 32 views

Walter Antoniotti

One-Page Handouts - 11 views

    Pre-Algebra Mathematics, Financial Accounting, US Political Economy Economic Issues, Violence Problems,Middle East History, Statistics, Education, Business, Careers
Walter Antoniotti

Civics learning materials - 18 views

I have collected and written these materials: Civics Course Notes, Political Economy, Interesting Videos and book summaries at

collaboration online

started by Walter Antoniotti on 14 Oct 16 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Ten Commandments - 10 views

started by Walter Antoniotti on 08 Sep 16 no follow-up yet
Murty BVNS

ఐటి పరిశ్రమకు 8 చట్టాలనుంచి ఎపి మినహాయింపు - Telugu360 - Telugu - 3 views

    ఐటీ పరిశ్రమకు ఎపి భారీ రాయితీలు * 8 చట్టాల నుంచి మినహాయింపు - సబ్సిడీలే సబ్సిడీలు * మూడు నాలుగేళ్ళలో లక్షమంది కి జాబ్ లు

    Read more at Telugu360 : ఐటి పరిశ్రమకు 8 చట్టాలనుంచి ఎపి మినహాయింపు
Walter Antoniotti - 23 views

    Collection of Internet Materials to enhance the movement to replace expensive paper textbooks with les expensive and often free Internet learning materials.
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Walter Antoniotti

Free Internet Libraries - 14 views


Educating the Class of 2030 - 35 views


jaap linssen

Prediction 2013: Social Business Tech will stop blaming culture for failure | Product Four - 7 views

  • Shifting from enabling “Social” to enabling “Complexity”
  • We don’t even know how many balls are in the air or why and which could possibly be relevant to the other. Are we better at that now that we’re networked? Sure, but not better enough.
  • Situational awareness – at an individual, team and organizational level.
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  • Given how important engagement is we are very clumsy with how we understand and handle it, and most efforts are superficial to the point of patronizing.
  • Not contentment, not leaderboards, but something closer to percentage of time spent thinking about work substance, and percentage of capabilities applied.
  • how much of the right stuff is getting to the right place in the right context and the right time? Can we depend on it and when? Can we juice the system?
    Like it: Shifting from enabling "Social" to enabling "Complexity"
    The best news in Canada and America
Steven Schulman

Microsoft Invented Google Earth in the 90s Then Totally Blew It | Motherboard - 5 views

  • "It was something we did to show off our software could do this, but the company didn't care about the information," Barclay told me. "Google was an information company first. They saw the value of the information."
    • Steven Schulman
      Microsoft's TerraServer. Google ended up with Google Earth.
  • Microsoft learned, maybe even before Google, that most search is local. If Terraserver didn't have images for people's hometowns, they got angry
  • "In the first year, I got 20,000 emails, and the vast majority of them said one of two things," Barclay said. "It was either 'I love Terraserver, I saw my house' or 'I hate Terraserver, I didn't see my house' We learned that 85 percent of all geospacial queries are local. They're looking for local search—they want to find whatever dry cleaner is around the corner, or where they could get fast food."

Bunkr BETA - Bunkr - 7 views

shared by crytel on 05 Feb 15 - No Cached
Julia Pichler

Drunkenomics - The Story of Bar Stool Economics - 3 views

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Ed Kerollis

Writing Style for Print vs. Web (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox) - 7 views

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