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need biology essay - 2 views

I'm studying at medical school. I had the same problem. But I solved them easily with . This service is able to write an essay on any...

Kathy Fiedler

How to Gain Parent Buy-In for Classroom Technology « Indiana Jen - 0 views

    Every teacher who has attempted to integrate technology into the classroom knows that getting parents on board can sometimes be a challenge. It's not uncommon for the parent of a struggling child to be on the phone with you asking questions like: "Why do you need to use technology to teach math/social studies/English/biology?" or "This is an AP history class  - not computer science!" Your efforts to engage students and develop important 21st century skills can become the scapegoat explanation for problems that have nothing to do with tech. So, how do we as educators get these parents into our corner? Here are some strategies I've used successfully to gain parent buy-in.
Dean Mantz

Teachers' Domain: Biotechnology - 2 views

  • uses research tools from biology and chemistr
  • uses research tools from biology and chemistry
  • resources explore common laboratory techniques used for treating disease and improving diagnosis, and examine the ethical debate over such research
Dean Mantz

Cell Biology Main Page - 25 views

    Interactives, teacher pages, and cell information for classroom integration.
Dean Mantz

Microscopy Pre-lab Activities - 16 views

    Interactive virtual microscope using Flash. 
Dean Mantz

Build a Body - 35 views

    Great interactive site shared on Richard Byrne's Free Technology For Teachers blog.  
Dean Mantz

CellCraft - 18 views

    Interactive game for science class and students to learn about cells.
Zane Education

Zane Education - 0 views

  • is an ondemand educational video subscription website providing over 1,000 online videos to cater for the requirements of the K12 curriculum. All videos are subtitled to aid in the improvement of each students reading literacy level. Each video is accompanied by am interactive quiz to test the student on what they have learnt from the video they have watched. This website provides an excellent resource for homeschooling and homeschool students and will save money on the amount that homeschoolers often have to spend on textbooks. The K12 curriculum subjects subjects catered for include Art, Music, Literature, Maths, History, Geography, Science, Biology, Social Sciences, Library Skills, Health and Religious Studies. Zane is a name well established in the education market having previously published over 250 CD-ROM titles which are in use in schools and homeschools across the country. Their online service at now supercedes their PowerCD CD-ROM titles and offers great value for money.
Dean Mantz

Inside the Brain: An Interactive Tour - 27 views

    Interactive tour of human brain via Tech & Learning.
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