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Chemistry by Inquiry - complete guide and student sheets - 0 views

    Chemistry labs for students, and review for teachers - downloadable pdf "The book helps students: Ask scientific questions and investigate them Design experiments Record observations Draw conclusions Communicate their findings It also includes extensive science background for teachers, including: Strategic questioning Teacher demonstrations Detailed procedures for experiments Student activity sheets Preparation notes Assessments " Downloadable pdf
Dean Mantz

Chemistry: It's "Element"-ary!!!: My Physics Blog - 19 views

    Great example of a student blog.

Tips on How to Memorise Formulas - 0 views

    Memorising complicated formulae is not an easy task especially for those students who harbour a phobia for subjects like Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Tips on how to memorise formulae quickly and effectively.
Dean Mantz

All sizes | QR Code Periodic Table with Symbols | Flickr - Photo Sharing! - 11 views

    Each element of the Periodic Table is a QR code and connects to video upon scanning. 
Dean Mantz

Math247 / Mathcasts - Pencasts - LiveScribe SmartPen - 6 views

    Screencasts (actually pencasts) using LiveScribe SmartPen for classes focusing on mathematics, physics, chemistry, and business education. But can be used in any/all classrooms. Great option for assitive technology.
Robin Talkowski

FreeRice - 13 views

  • now allows you to choose your subject from french to chemistry.
Heather Sullivan


  • Yokoten
  • At the initial stage, individuals meeting, you often hear people complaining that they have to go to the meeting: “ this is my time I should be doing my work” With the emphasis on MY, it’s a hoarding culture.
  • Franchises are formed when teacher share their creativity with each other and work together to design instructional or assessment strategies together, such as 9 week common assessments or a unit of instruction. In the early stages of franchising, strategies designed together are implemented individually. A team designs a common assessment but doesn’t look at each other’s lesson plans.
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  • As PLCs progress from franchises toward teams, teachers begin to modify their individual practices to align with others creating a consistent practice that benefits students. A PLC of freshman teachers decides on common notebook criteria for their courses that encourages organizational skills. A 6-7-8 middle school PLC implements common expectations for students over the three years.At full implementation, PLCs become teams. Members take shared responsibility for student success. On a K-1 -2 vertical PLC where the team has the same students over three years, members share responsibility for all the students across the three years. On a high school science PLC a biology teacher assumes responsibility for students’ success in chemistry.
Amanda McKay

The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham - 4 views

  • Tables charting the chemical elements have been around since the 19th century - but this modern version has a short video about each one.
Dean Mantz

Simulations - 22 views

    Science and Math simulations from University of Colorado
Dean Mantz

Teachers' Domain: Biotechnology - 2 views

  • uses research tools from biology and chemistr
  • uses research tools from biology and chemistry
  • resources explore common laboratory techniques used for treating disease and improving diagnosis, and examine the ethical debate over such research
Dean Mantz

Exploriments - 27 views

    Based on the constructivist approach, Exploriments encourage the learners to actively participate in the learning process, instead of being passive recipients. 
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