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Contents contributed and discussions participated by kinglish


Bing in the Classroom will eliminate adverts at no cost to school districts | eSchool N... - 23 views

  • Schools are safe havens where children should be able to learn and grow in a supportive atmosphere. At home, parents have the ability to monitor their children’s intake of consumer products by limiting television and internet usage, and helping them engage critically with the content they see. But if we allow advertising in any form in our schools, we run directly counter to the message educational institutions are trying to promote: that these are places of learning, not selling.

Explain Everything Educator Review - 43 views

  • Explain Everything can also be used as a whiteboard with the iPad video display. Before you start, consider reading the help page to discern all the features. Then tap on New Project and choose a blank project screen or import from one of many sources (you must enter your username and password information for that source on the linking screen)
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