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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Scott Besterman

Scott Besterman

islt9440 - Group 7: Diigo for Education - About - 86 views

  • The sticky note tool is a great addition to the tools of diigo. Students may add sticky notes to a passage as they are reading it. The sticky notes could be used to make notes or ask questions by the students.Teachers could postition the sticky notes in the passage for students to respond to various ideas as they are reading.Students could use sticky notes to peer edit and make comments on other student's work through Google docs.
Scott Besterman

▶ Diigo V5.0: Collect, Highlight and Remember! - YouTube - 38 views

    • Scott Besterman
      Note: Some of the tools shown here depend on the browser being used. For Safari, find and install the Diigo web Highlighter extension under Safari/Preferences/Extensions.
  • Uploaded on Jul 21, 2010 Awesome cloud-based information management tool that enables users to collect, highlight, access and share a variety of information, on a variety of devices
Scott Besterman

Video library - 42 views

    These videos will provide you with guidance and ideas utilizing Diigo.
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