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Contents contributed and discussions participated by jordyn bibiloni

jordyn bibiloni

NZ Interface Magazine | Eight habits of highly effective 21st century teachers - 6 views

  • 4. Taking risksThere’s so much to learn. How can you as an educator know all these things? You must take risks and sometimes surrender yourself to the students’ knowledge. Have a vision of what you want and what the technology can achieve, identify the goals and facilitate the learning. Use the strengths of the digital natives to understand and navigate new products, have them teach each other. Trust your students.
    • jordyn bibiloni
      I see this so much in those teachers who are afraid to miss a day of class if something doesn't work as planned. Years go by, and all those neat lessons they'd like to do, remain untried. Teachers end up disappointed they weren't able to update their teachings, and students are disappointed with the redundant, "safe" lessons.
    8 habits to pick up... #2 is probably the most difficult, and #4 reminds me of those teachers who just can't "seem to find the time" to take a chance and try something new.
jordyn bibiloni

Darin Wagner - Bookmarks | Diigo - 0 views

shared by jordyn bibiloni on 06 Mar 09 - Cached
  • Darin Wagner's Bookmarks
    • jordyn bibiloni
      This is a great selection of bookmarks. Darin is awesome!
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