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Randy Rodgers

Metta - Storytelling + Polling In One Compact Format. - 57 views

shared by Randy Rodgers on 17 Jan 14 - No Cached
    Easy to use tool for creating flipped classroom lessons. Use the built-in search tool to find videos, images, or social media posts, put them into a timeline, add text and/or polls, and share. Free account has very limited media storage, but not an issue if you only use embedded media. Paid service has educator discount and is only $2.50/month.
Michele Brown

Metta - Storytelling + Polling In One Compact Format. - 36 views

    Add stopping points and questions to your videos
Keith Rowley

Meditation Research FAQ - 1 views

  • What I can say is that the MBSR program has been around for 30 years and there have been hundreds of clinical trials indicating that it is effective for reducing stress and many (though not all) clinical symptoms.
  • All the participants in our study went through the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) developed at the Center for Mindfulness
  • I can't stop thinking/my mind won't calm down/"Unusual phenomena" bother me when I meditate/I can't meditate—what should I do? OR When I meditate, I experience "unusual phenomena". What is going on? Is this an advanced state?
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  • The Buddha compared the mind to the strings of a lute (a guitar-like instrument): the lute can not be played if the strings are too tight or too loose. Similarly when attention is either too tight or too loose, you can't properly meditate. When attention is too loose, the mind wanders and you get lost in thought. Try narrowing your focus in different ways (e.g. just inhales instead of the whole breath, focus on a smaller area around your nose). Some people do a few minutes of yoga or loving kindness (metta) practice at the start of their meditation period to focus the mind, before switching to breath awareness meditation. Some people find focusing on sounds easier than focusing on breathing.
  • The goal is not to try to change anything, but to be aware of the desire to change it and then see if we can just relax and be ok with it even if it doesn't change. Are we trying to quiet the storm, or are we trying to find peace within the storm?
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