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joshua sneideman

HELP. Trying to figure out how to use Diigo in my class. - 54 views

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started by joshua sneideman on 20 Sep 12
  • joshua sneideman
    Hi all you Diigo Educators out there,

    I am trying to leave post its to my highlights and then be able to share both the article with my highlights and postits? I can't seem to figure it out? A second question, I am trying to do this without having to create a class list but just have it kind of open sourced where I link the article with highlights and comments to my blog.....HELP
  • Darren Jones
    Hi Joshua, it sounds like an annotated link might do that. If you have the toolbar click on Send > Get Annotated Link. If you are using the Diigolet click on Share to get it. Hope that works! Darren
  • joshua sneideman
    Thansk Darren, I did that and I get my highlights but can't seem to open my sticky notes, which I want my students to be able to see......any thoughts?
  • Darren Jones
    Strange, it works for me. Although I did have to reload the page as it didn't appear straight away. Might be worth trying that. Here's a test one I made for this page at if you want to see if you can see it? I guess another option would be to add an enhanced linkroll to your blog (
  • joshua sneideman
    Hi Darren, I see your post it and I tried to reply to your post it. Now I don't see my reply. Do you see my postit?
  • Darren Jones
    Hi Joshua, I think it's because my sticky note was private. For some reason my Diigolet wouldn't let me add a public one, but if you are able to make your one public that should do it. Hopefully!

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