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started by natanmeir on 21 Sep 10
  • Jason Schmidt
    My suggestion would be to create a large group where everyone can share resources, and then smaller groups for individual projects. If your students are using the toolbar, it would be really easy for them to share resources with the different groups.

    Another idea might be to have each small group together and use a tag (like the course and session number) for the whole class.

    I would be interested to hear how this whole thing works out. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or through Diigo (jasonschmidt123 in both places) if there's any way I can help you out.
  • Jason Schmidt
    @Linda - unfortunately at this time, I'm not aware of a quicker way to do this. Diigo is very responsive to their users, so this might be something to request from them.
  • Lucinda Hall
    I'd go to "shared annotation roles" on this page:

    That will give you different assignments for each subgroup's sticky notes.

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