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Gwen Noda

Gulf Drilling Disaster Triggers Scrutiny of Mediterranean Oil Rush - 0 views

    "Oil Exploration
    Oil Exploration
    Gulf Drilling Disaster Triggers Scrutiny of Mediterranean Oil Rush

    1. Laura Margottini*

    A rush to find and extract oil in the Mediterranean Sea is threatening one of the planet's marine biodiversity hot spots, scientists warn.

    PANTELLERIA, ITALY-This tiny speck in the Mediterranean, home to a few thousand people, seems like one of the most tranquil places in the world. But looks are deceptive. Pantelleria, in the Strait of Sicily halfway between Palermo and Tunis, is close to one of the world's busiest shipping lanes, and of late, its waters have also become the center of a new oil rush. Attracted by Italy's easygoing drilling regulations and low tax on oil extraction, dozens of companies have new plans for exploration and drilling in this part of the Mediterranean Sea.

    At a recent meeting here,* however, scientists, conservationists, and environmental activists warned that such efforts put several important biodiversity hot spots in danger. An oil disaster like the Deepwater Horizon explosion, which sent oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for months, could easily ruin the Mediterranean ecology for a century or longer, some said.

    The Italian government has recently issued 66 permissions for drilling around its coasts and 25 concessions for exploration. Another 67 applications for exploration are under review. "Italy now represents the region that holds the most exciting and significant long-term opportunities," one company, Northern Petroleum, says on its Web site. The Strait of Sicily is the center of attention, but other biodiversity hot spots, such as the Tremiti Islands in the Adriatic Sea, could soon be explored as well.

    Italy isn't alone. Tunisia, for example, has granted concessions for oil exploration for most of its Mediterranean waters, without much political opposition. But the areas coveted by oil companies are ecological treasures, researchers and groups such as Greenpeace Italy stress. Last year, the Uni
Gwen Noda

Administration's Offshore Plan Fails to Protect Arctic - The Pew Charitable Trusts - 0 views

Gwen Noda

Deep Earth Academy - Consortium for Ocean Leadership - 0 views

    Deep Earth Academy

    Teaching for Science - Learning for Life

    Deep Earth Academy facilitates and develops programs and materials based on scientific ocean drilling expeditions and Earth Systems Science to strengthen students' science, mathematics, and analytical skills. Our approach includes use of authentic data, inquiry-centered activities and interdisciplinary explorations drawing from the adventures of the JOIDES Resolution ship and the earlier ocean drilling ship; the Glomar Challenger.
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