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Heather Sullivan

Clipmarks - Clip the highlights - 0 views

    A simple & fun way to clip sections of webpages, organize, save & share them. You can also embed a "clipcast" on your blog, etc.
Professional Learning Board

CSS Type Set Generator - 0 views

    This way too easy tool is a must for anyone looking for help with any web dev work!
Rudy Garns

How to Find What Clicks in the Classroom | - 0 views

  • Colleges may feel that they can't afford to provide any space and time for improving teaching. They may blame faculty members, students, or even society for a lack of innovation in education — and those charges may well be fair. But colleges unwilling to plant the seeds for change shouldn't be surprised that they grow nothing.
Rudy Garns

Streamline It Part I: Diigo or Bust : Metanoia - 1 views

  • Here I was using Diigo, Delicious, Google Notebook, and Zotero for my researching, bookmarking, annotating, and sharing. While all strong tools in their own right, it is pretty clear looking at this list that this is what some would call OVER DOING IT!
Rudy Garns

The Connected Classroom: DIG-ging diigo... - 0 views

  • But I recently read something, somewhere that diigo had a new improved tool bar and started to read up on the other Diigo features including the ablility for messaging, creating lists of bookmarks, the ability to turn bookmarks into slideshows, tagrolls and linkrolls, a Firefox sidebar, a Facebook application, blog integration
Clif Mims

FriendFeed - About Us - 0 views

    • Clif Mims
      This might be an interesting way to facilitate conversation in classes and professional development.
  • FriendFeed enables you to keep up-to-date on the web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing. It offers a unique way to discover and discuss information among friends.
  • customized feed
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  • It’s also fast and easy to start discussions around shared items. On FriendFeed, you and your friends contribute to a shared stream of information — information that you care about, because it's from the people that you care about.
    This might be an interesting way to facilitate conversation in classes and professional development.
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