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paul lowe

Welcome to The Kit Room - 0 views

    "Welcome to The Kit Room.

    Alongside regularly updated video casts,

    find workshop notes in The Kit Room Downloads,

    tips and links on The Kit Rumor and

    The Kit Room Inventory, the complete list of kit

    available to students studying Film

    and Television at LCC.

    The Videos are also available

    free on Apple iTunes.

    Click here to go to the store.

    Link up with film makers on the Face Book group

    The Kit Room Facebook Group."
paul lowe

MediaStorm: Resources - Gear Guide - 0 views

    There are a myriad of options out there right now when it comes to tools for multimedia storytelling. The combination of tools you use can be your greatest strength or your greatest weakness. The important thing is to find the right combination of gear that fits your style of shooting and allows you to tell the best story possible. Below is a list of tools that we may use a combination of on any given multimedia shoot. Again the importance is to find what combination works best for you.
    Multimedia tools are constantly evolving. There are many options on the market from which you can mix and match to best suit your needs. The following describes our current field production kit.
paul lowe

Social Media for Storytellers - 1 views

    "A look at how social media can be used to extend stories and start conversations. For more visit"
paul lowe

Magazine layouts gain popularity with blogs - European Journalism Centre - 2 views

    "For several years, the predominant blog layout has remained unchanged. Posts, usually shortened to fit neatly, sit on top of each other in descending order, headlines over each post. This creates a "log" feel from which the term "web log" or "blog" came.

    However, redesigns at two of the web's best-known blogs, Techcrunch and Mashable seem poised to shake up the traditional layout, offering slight variations that make the sites appear more like a traditional newspaper.

    The trend appears to be spreading. While no hard numbers exist, magazine layouts are among the most popular themes for existing blogs. These themes are generating some of the most hype among bloggers.

    Although the design of a blog is not always of particular import, as many readers read the content in an RSS reader, it is still an important consideration. It is one to which many novice bloggers don't give adequate weight. Choosing the wrong theme can make a site look dated or unprofessional, completely destroying any attempt to modernise one's web presence.

    For those seeking to enter the blogging realm, or to modernise an existing platform, a magazine theme may be a major step in the right direction. "
    Interesting stuff - I quite fancy giving this a go with my blog and might try out some of the new Edublogs themes which appear to be flirting with this trend. I can see this layout being more appropriate for those looking to create an 'uber-blog' to accompany a programme of study - maybe with additional course management functions such as those offered by the Courseware plugin for Wordpress...?
paul lowe

About | Innovative Interactivity - 0 views

    Tracy Boyer is an award-winning multimedia producer, specializing in Flash development and multimedia production. She is obtaining her masters degree at UNC-Chapel Hill, studying Human-Computer Interaction in the School's Information Science program.

    Previously, she was a multimedia producer at, served as the UNC correspondent for and interned with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In 2007, she was selected to participate in the Poynter Summer Fellowship. Boyer graduated with a multimedia degree from UNC's School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Her passions lie in travel and multimedia production with a focus on video, audio and Flash-based interactives. See more of her work at

paul lowe

Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace - 0 views

    About the Project
    For four years, Bosnia and Herzegovina was torn by the bloodiest and most ruthless European conflict since World War II. Its capital, Sarajevo, was the focus of an epic siege. Its territory was riven into ethnic enclaves, and accounts of mass killing and rape shook the world's conscience.

    With the signing of the Dayton accords last December, Bosnia is emerging from that torment. Now it faces the challenge of reconstruction and reconciliation, of carrying out free elections and of bringing accused war criminals to justice.

    "Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace" is both a photographic chronicle and a worldwide discussion of this crucial passage in Bosnia's struggle.

    An interactive photo essay by the French photojournalist Gilles Peress, with the photographer's narrative, documents the last weeks of the siege of Sarajevo in February and March, including the exodus of Serbs from the suburbs from which the siege had been mounted.

    A collection of forums for discussion, led by scholars, diplomats, artists, humanitarian leaders and other experts, will be active for one month, starting June 10, and open to contributions from the entire Internet community. Connections have been established in Sarajevo, at the war crimes tribunal in The Hague and at the United Nations to encourage participation by those closest to the Bosnian conflict and its resolution.

    And resources for context are available, including chronologies, maps, links to other Internet sites, a glossary and who's who, a reading list and recent coverage of the Bosnian events from The New York Times.

    We welcome your feedback about this project.
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