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Christopher Pappas

The Twitter Guide for Teachers - 0 views

    The Twitter Guide for Teachers Twitter can be an incredible tool for both teachers and students when used correctly. As a teacher, your role in the process is to be professional, understanding, and as creative as possible. In regards to Twitter, the possibilities are as endless as you make them. At the Teachers Guide to Twitter you will find: How as a teacher can you effectively utilize Twitter, a creative writing lesson plan using Twitter, 15 creative ways to use Twitter in the classroom, and 17 videos on how as a teacher can you use Twitter in classroom!

Google Plus, Chrome Apps and Tools gateway to knowledge in #education20: Complete #edtech20 guide to #googleplus in #education20 - 17 views

    Complete #edtech20 guide to #googleplus in #education20 . Please add comments , feed-back and your thoughts related to google plus 
Christopher Pappas

The Gamification Guide for Teachers - 0 views

    How to Gamify your Classroom Would you like to gamify your classroom? People love to play. Whether your students are in kindergarten or college, adding fun to classroom learning by playing games is a positive and effective way to engage students. Your students are already master game players, whether those games are technologically based or not. Use this knowledge and expertise everyday by gamifying you classroom because play doesn't have to be reserved for recess anymore.
Jeff Johnson

Advice on how to blog from Arianna Huffington, Om Malik, and more of the Web's best pundits. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine - 0 views

    Ordinarily all this bloggy good cheer would be a bit too much to take. But buried in the middle of the Complete Guide is, surprise, a complete Guide-and a pretty good one, too. Tens of thousands of people start new blogs every day. I'd guess that most don't go into blogging to gain a huge audience, but those who do aim to be the next Kos quickly find disappointment. That's likely because blogging is difficult (I know this from personal experience; my last job was as a blogger), and there are few places that offer tips on how to do it well.
Susan Oxnevad

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners: TeachEm: Create Guided YouTube Lessons - 2 views

    TeachEm is a free and user friendly digital tool that allows users to capture YouTube content, organize it, and add time stamped flashcards to guide the learning.
Jackie McAnlis

Teacher's Guide to Teaching Using Social Media - 0 views

    This infographic profiling a teacher's guide to social media was produced by Online Colleges, and appeared on EdTech Digest.
Rhondda Powling

Teachers' Guide for the Professional Cartoonists' Index - 1 views

    "This is the US Teachers' Guide for using the Professional Cartoonists Index web site in your classes. We have developed lesson plans for using the editorial cartoons as a teaching tool in Social Sciences, Art, Journalism and English at all levels."
Michele Hardy

Contents | Web Style Guide 3 - 0 views

    Web Style Guide online book
Catherine Lambert

Guide To Art Schools Free Photo Editing Programs - 7 views

    This page from Guide To Arts is a very concise summary of what they consider the 11 best free photo editing programs. The page has links to the downloads for each app as well as links to tutorials for each application. In addition to the 11 download apps here are briefer links to their top five online tools.
Debbie Nichols

The Newbie Guide to Google Search | Educational Technology Tips - 0 views

    I was surprised. I learned things from this article. It can be projected in class to teach students also.
Sarah Bresnahan

Dissertation Proposal Writing Service - 0 views

    Dissertation writing is plagued with so much uncertainty. And that ambiguity starts as early as the design of the proposal. Students who are wise enough to acknowledge this immediately start their prepping; while those who don't are bound to face an uncanny nemesis. Read more: essay-writing-guide-for-aplus.overblog
Ninja Essays

Tools for Teaching Essay Writers: A Guide for Educators | EdCircuit - 0 views

    "Have you ever wondered why your students don't like writing essays? The most obvious reason is natural talent: some people have an intuitive tendency to express themselves well, while others struggle with words. However, the approach you make as a teacher also makes a visible difference in the work of your students."

Teaching With Podcasts - ReadWriteThink - 0 views

    This Strategy Guide describes the processes involved in composing and producing audio files that are published online as podcasts.

Teacher's Guide on The Use of Podcasting in Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning - 0 views

    podcasting tools for educators and examples of softnwares that are available.
Dianne Rees

Free tools for teachers: Teacher guide - 0 views

    Includes useful resources for improving online literacy
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