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Katrina Miller

Why Teenagers Need Moxie Mental Health? - 0 views

    Most people experience mental health problems in their life; and half of those who experience mental health problems first experience them before age 14. Does your child have the support he or she needs if they must face the ordeal?
Katrina Miller

How to Help Children with Social Needs - 0 views

    Teach social skills to children which is engaging and uplifting for them. This helps them to solve their problem on their own and manage emotions. Moxie mental health provides tips and tools for kids, parents, teachers for better mental health

Some Interesting Health Facts You Must Know. - 0 views

1. When you are looking at someone you love, your pupils dilate, and they do the same when you are looking at someone you hate. 2. The human head is one-quarter of our total length at birth but on...

health quiz facts

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Arin Basu

Social media increasingly used to gauge public health - - 0 views

  • When Marcel Salathé, PhD, and his colleagues wanted to know the public's thoughts about the influenza A(H1N1) vaccine in 2009, they turned to Twitter.
  • The researchers examined more than 300,000 tweets that mentioned the H1N1 immunization and projected vaccine rates based on Twitter sentiments.
  • Their findings were similar to data the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gathered through the more traditional approach of phone surveys.
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  • growing trend among researchers and health officials to use social media to examine public health and improve it.
  • e when people are happiest -- in the morning and on weekends. A study that appeared online Oct. 3 in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine looked at Facebook messages to help identify college students with drinking problems.
  • using social media for research offers real-time information on a large group of people across the globe. Social networking sites also enable the medical community to distribute health information quickly and inexpensively to the public.
  • During the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, the CDC turned to its Facebook page to educate the public about the virus and the importance of getting vaccinated against it. CDC experts monitored social media chatter on H1N1, which allowed them to quickly correct misinformation. One such rumor the CDC squashed was that people could develop the illness by eating pork.

What percentage of the human body is water? - 0 views

    What percentage of the human body is water? - 66%
Katrina Miller

Nurturing Curiosity in Children increases the Meaningfulness of Life - 0 views

    Nurture curiosity in children. This will help to build their inner strengths and live in a better way. Here is another nice article from Katrina Miller of Moxie Mental Health.
Kay Cunningham

All The Old Tweets Are Found: Google Launches Twitter Archive Search - 0 views

    'The new Twitter archive search allows users to enter any keyword or phrase and see what was being said on Twitter about it over time or on a particular day (and even a particular hour or minute during that day). For example you could search on "Obama health care reform" or "Iran Election" or "Lindsey Vonn" and so on. Results are displayed like traditional search results together with a timeline that shows peaks and valleys of activity on Twitter.'
nick k

Watch Free Documentaries - SnagFilms - 3 views

shared by nick k on 09 Nov 09 - Cached
    Outstanding collection of history, international, health, life and culture, music and the arts and much more. Videos can be embedded into Web site.

When your Naysayers are asking for a job. - Health Wealth Now - 0 views

    Good link to learn



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Abhinav Outsourcings

Nova Scotia Unveils a New Immigration Program for Selected International Graduates - 0 views

    Good news for International graduates in healthcare and childcare sector seeking to migrate to Canada. The province of Nova Scotia has introduced a new immigration program that provides a permanent residency pathway to international graduates in Canada with valid job offers in the health and childcare sector. 
Abhinav Outsourcings

Looking for a smart Australia PR option? Try Subclass 190 - 0 views

    When you choose a pathway like Subclass 190 you can even join in the national health scheme of Australia under the name of Medicare as well as apply for bank loans to buying property in Australia.
li li

Please show me the number of graduates six months. - 1 views

The problem is , ask the appropriate information in a normal portion . Competent lawyers asked miracle dry day . For the ideal case , the witness should wear a white cheap snapbacks thinking and...

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Canada Best Jobs | Canada Job Vacancies: Job Sites in Canada - 0 views

    Canada's economy added 93,000 jobs, including 52,000 new private-sector jobs.Much of the gain came from "business, building and support services," which has seen a 14 per cent increase so far this year.
Amazing Dumbbells

Best Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews and Buying Guide 2015 - 0 views

    With the turn of this century the whole concept of fitness has changed. People have become more concerned about their health and are looking at fitness in a whole new light. Regular exercises and good eating habits are the key to achieve it and people are realizing that.
Katrina Miller

How to Build a Support System: Start With Your Kith - 0 views

    Build a support system around kiths and connect with them to improve your relationships. These relationships gives you inner strengths to make good relationships
Clif Mims

e-Learning for Kids - 4 views

    "We offer free, best-in-class courseware in math, science, reading and keyboarding; and we're building a community for parents and educators to share innovations and insights in childhood education."
Katrina Miller

Two Tips for Healthy Intimacy - 0 views

    A healthy attachment for us is not necessarily the outcome secure attachment but rather a process of using our knowledge about attachment combined with our mental strengths to build healthy relationships with the attachment style we already have.
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