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Michael Porterfield

The New 'Digital Divide' - 18 views

  • Now perhaps I got this wrong from the very beginning or misunderstood, but I thought the Internet and all these rampant technologies that have devices dripping off our bodies were supposed to bring us all closer together. Why does it feel like technology is coming in between people? As Jerry Seinfeld might someday say, "What's up with all this 'Technology Encroachment' into our human lives? Why can't we just live our lives without all these moronic machines?" We are not all closer together. We are further apart when we are talking on our iPhones. We are further apart when we text our wife or husband on our Droid. Don't you see, it is not creating any personal, human contact when we 'communicate' electronically? We can only be 'brought closer together' through direct human contact, face-to-face, where a handshake or a smile or a hug or a kiss can be personally delivered; no smiley faces or other emoticons can suffice.
Hanna Wiszniewska

The Frontal Cortex : Unstructured Play - 0 views

    Play actually appears to make kids smarter. In a classic study published in Developmental Psychology in 1973, researchers divided 90 preschool children into three groups. One group was told to play freely with four common objects--among the choices were a pile of paper towels, a screwdriver, a wooden board and a pile of paper clips. A second set was asked to imitate an experimenter using the four objects in common ways. The last group was told to sit at a table and draw whatever they wanted, without ever seeing the objects. Each scenario lasted 10 minutes. Immediately afterward, the researchers asked the children to come up with ideas for how one of the objects could be used. The kids who had played with the objects named, on average, three times as many nonstandard, creative uses for the objects than the youths in either of the other two groups did, suggesting that play fosters creative thinking.
Clif Mims

GoView - 3 views

    GoView made screen recordings easy. You can start recording your computer's screen and audio with just two clicks. Snipping out unwanted segments is as simple as using a pair of scissors. You can also insert title slides to add polish and act as section dividers. After all, your recording is instantly ready to be viewed an share online. It's quick. It's easy. And it's free.
    Cliff, I just checked out this service last night. I was so impressed that I changed my current tech class screen cast activity into using GoView from Screen O' GoView is a real winner, I hope they do well enough to survive Beta. Thank you for sharing!
Faith Hill

No Credit Check Fast Loans- Without Clarifying Credits Loans Are Approved - 0 views

    No credit check fast loans have wiped away the border line dividing good and bad creditors. This is because under these loans borrowers irrespective of his or her credit ratings will be provided with financial help by the lender. So to get hold of these loans post application online addressing the lender.

Auto Detailing, more than just a Wash! - U'GoPros Blogs Car Detailing - 0 views

    Detailing is generally divided into two categories: exterior detailing and interior detailing. Some also consider the engine bay to be a third and separate area. However, unless you are taking your vehicle to a car show, you probably don't need more than a basic cleaning of oil and sludge in this area. Let's consider the different types of exterior and interior detailing below.
Abhinav Outsourcings

How the Canada NOC List Classifies Occupations - 0 views

    The National Occupational Classification (NOC) of Canada divides professions based on the nature of work and job duties, in order to provide a reference framework for foreign nationals seeking jobs or applying for permanent residence in Canada. Occupations are grouped into different skill levels/types, and each occupation mentioned on the Canada NOC list has a distinct numeric code.
Donna Baumbach

Pegby: Peg it up, Move it Around, Get it Done. - 18 views

    Pegby wants you to stop using those sticky notes that seem to be everywhere on and around your work desk, and instead use their cards and stacks to manage tasks. Their task management board is divided into mainly three columns - pending, in process and done (you can add more columns if you need them), and in each column you can add cards which are basically tasks and their descriptions. Different cards (tasks) can be combined together into a named stack, each card or stack can be dragged or dropped across columns. You can also invite people and jointly create and manage tasks. Each card can be customized in various ways. Its color can be changed, it can be tagged and much more. There's a way to filter your board too if you think it's full of clutter. Features: * Manage tasks through online cards and stacks. * Have family members use it along with you. * Add columns to the board, drag and drop cards. * Similar tools: Corkboard, Pindax and WallWisher.
li li

Six cheap snapbackss, Six Colors - 1 views

Each color of the cheap snapbacks with its functions and role should be closely related. Six Thinking cheap snapbacks for sale in every cheap snapbacks has a specific color: white, red, y...

started by li li on 04 Sep 13 no follow-up yet
li li

Lakers Head of Business Operations Janet and brand marketing, but the Lakers project's ... - 1 views

Lakers Head of Business Operations Janet and brand marketing, but the Lakers project's trade and other operational aspects of basketball soccer youth jerseys , it is always possible to find it. Thi...

started by li li on 07 Aug 13 no follow-up yet
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