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TabPilot | Classroom Tablet Management System for Android. Tablets in Schools - 1 views

    TabPilot is a cloud-based management system that puts teachers in control of classroom tablets while also providing MDM features for the IT department. Admins secure devices and distribute apps; teachers monitor student screens and freeze them when it's time for "heads up!" FocalPoint secure browser controls web browsing. Use your own tablets or our Breea tablets, and soon use iPads too! Ideal for 1-to-1 or shared-use.
Dennis OConnor

An Apple tablet could pit iTunes against Amazon - - 1 views

  • What can Apple do better with e-books? For textbooks or anthologies, Apple can give iTunes users the ability to download individual chapters, priced between a few cents to a few bucks each.
  • It would be similar to how you can currently download individual song tracks from an album. It might even have the same earthshaking potential to transform an entire industry by refocusing it on the content people actually want instead of the bundles that publishers want them to buy.
  • College students would love this: Teachers rarely assign an entire textbook, so they would save hundreds of dollars by downloading only a few chapters of each textbook.
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  • Other than having the upper hand with digital distribution, an Apple tablet can compensate for other e-book readers' shortcomings. In a previous story, polled students on their interest in Amazon's large-format Kindle DX reader. Several of them said they couldn't imagine ditching textbooks for a Kindle DX, foreseeing challenges with tasks such as notetaking, highlighting and switching between books while writing essays.
  • Assuming its computing powers and interface design are anything like the iPhone's, a touchscreen tablet would make these student-oriented tasks as easy as a few swipes and taps -- far more pleasant than clunking around with the Kindle's cheap buttons and sluggish interface. Plus, we would imagine students would be able to type their papers on the tablet.
  • There's huge potential in a tablet if Apple can pull this off. The challenge lies in establishing the right partnerships. If Apple weaves e-books into the iTunes Store, will book publishers hop on board? Given Apple's success in numbers, we think so.
    What can Apple do better with e-books? For textbooks or anthologies, Apple can give iTunes users the ability to download individual chapters, priced between a few cents to a few bucks each.
Peter Shanks

People Who Own Tablets Are Glued to Them, Read More News - 20 views

  • 40% of respondents said they used the Web browser to access to news, compared to 21% who exclusively used apps
  • some publications have seen an increase in readership after launching HTML5 Web apps than native applications could deliver
    Reading news is a huge part of what people use their tablets for, and as Pew's report points out, those users are more engaged and often consume more news content than they did before. tablets are beginning to supplant PCs and, to a lesser extent, print media as a source of news and long-form content.
Maggie Verster

11 Reasons Why a Tablet PC is Better - 0 views

    The full title should have been "Eleven Reasons Why a Tablet PC + Digital Projector is Better Than a Whiteboard or Overhead Projector… and Sometimes Smarter Than a Smartboard". My primary point is this: People are still "discovering" what a Tablet PC can do. Once educators realize that they do everything a laptop does PLUS you can draw in the screen, then the next obvious question becomes, "How does this help me in class?" I have some practical examples to share...
Martin Burrett

Session 321: The impact of tablets and apps in education - - 0 views

    Following the weekly #UKEdChat poll on Twitter (see results here), the topic of this #UKEdChat session is, "The impact of tablets and apps in education".
Tom March

The Exhaustive Guide to Apple Tablet Rumors - apple islate - Gizmodo - 14 views

    Growing consensus on the Apple Tablet / iSlate - Gizmodo does a rumor roundup.
Dimitris Tzouris

Diagnosing the Tablet Fever in Higher Education - 10 views

  • So it's worth taking a careful look at whether the company will once again create a new category of device that make waves in education -- as it did with personal computers, digital music players, and smartphones -- or whether the iPad and other tabletss might be doomed to remain a niche offering.
  • Mr. Jobs did mention iTunesU twice when listing the kinds of content that could be viewed on the iPad, referring to the company's partnership with many colleges to offer them free space for multimedia content like lecture recordings. But he otherwise focused on consumer uses -- watching movies, viewing photos, sending e-mail messages, and reading novels published by five trade publishers mentioned at the event. That does not mean that the company won't later promote the iPad's use on campuses, though, since it waited until after iPods and iPhones were established before beginning to work more heavily with colleges to promote those in education.
  • the biggest impact of the iPad would be in the textbook market.
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  • only 2 percent of students said they bought an e-textbook this past fall semester.
  • The City University of New York, for instance, is looking closely at encouraging e-textbooks as part of an effort to lower student costs. "At end of the day, it's how do you drive savings for our students, who are feeling a great economic impact," said Brian Cohen, CUNY's chief information officer.
  • If students do buy them and begin to carry them around campus, they could be a more powerful educational tool than laptop computers.
  • Jim Groom, an instructional technologist at the University of Mary Washington, expressed weariness with all the hype around the Apple announcement. He said he is concerned about Apple's policies of requiring all applications to be approved by the company before being allowed in its store, just as it does with the iPhone. And he said that Apple's strategy is to make the Web more commercial, rather than an open frontier. "It offers a real threat to the Web," he said.
  • He also pointed out that several PC manufacturers have sold tablet computers before, which have been tried enthusiastically in classrooms. Their promise is that they make it easy for professors to walk around classrooms while holding the computer, while allowing them to wirelessly project information to a screen at the front of the room. But despite initial hype, very few PC tablets are being used in college classrooms, he said. Now that Apple's long-awaited secret is out, the harder questions might be whether the iPad is the long-awaited education computer.

Huawei honor X3 tablet expected to come next moth - Gadgets World - 0 views

    honor X3 tablet price, huawei honor x3, honor x3 specifications, honor x3 features, honor x3 launch date, honor x3 release date

Surface Pro 4 set to launch in India on January 7: Price, Specs, Features - Gadgets World - 0 views

    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 set to launch in India on January 7 2016. The Software Giant invites for an event on 7th January , where it is expected to launch the Tablet. The Microsoft CEO had announced earlier that the company will launch the Surface Pro Tablet in India in January. The Surface Pro 4… Read More »

Asus ZenPad Z10 tablet with 9.7-inch QXGA display Snapdragon 650 3GB RAM announced - Gadgets World - 0 views

    Asus ZenPad Z10, ZenPad Z10 US, ZenPad Z10 Tablet, ZenPad Z10 Verizon, ZenPad Z10 price, ZenPad Z10 Specs, ZenPad Z10 Features,Asus ZT500KL
Martin Burrett

Implementing Tablets in Schools - The 5 Golden Rules - YouTube - 0 views

    2 minute video: 5 ways to make rolling out tablets in your school a success
David Freeburg

Epic Epoch Podcast: Episode 1 - 0 views

    The first podcast of Epic Epoch. Google Sites, quizzes using Google Forms, and rumors of an Apple tablet are all discussed.
celestino arteta

The Fizzbook Spin Tablet Style Laptop Computer - FizzBook - 13 views

    Un hardware doble, por un lado tablet pc y por otro portátil tradicional: pero todo en uno. Una muy buena solución
Martin Burrett

Online Stopwatch - 0 views

    A great online stopwatch and countdown especially designed with big buttons for tablets and mobiles, although it works perfectly well on computers as well.
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