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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Sally Loan

Sally Loan

Learning in the 21st century | TODAYonline - 38 views

  • Teaching is not simply presenting ideas and insights, nor filling students’ heads with what we know or transmitting information. Learning is not just committing facts to memory but the ability to critique, synthesise, analyse, use and apply information.
  • The addition of greater interactivity is essential to make knowledge transfer in universities more meaningful in today’s world
  • . But how do we integrate the digital world’s resources into classroom-based learning?
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  • A key element in any directed learning environment is the assessment of competence in that knowledge.
  • The first step — “knows” — is knowledge about a subject, such as recalling facts. The second is to “know how” to use the knowledge, such as in analysing a problem. The third step is to demonstrate proficiency in applying the knowledge — “shows how”.
  • The fourth step is to see how the knowledge is integrated into the real world.
  • The final step, “mastery”, refers to the competence of an expert who teaches the next generation.
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