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Scott Nancarrow

Socially Immature Kids: Making Friends - 0 views

    Not just a making friends thing... more about learning how to pick up on social cues among peers who may not need as much explicit instruction about how to navigate those often unspoken "rules"
Jill Bergeron

Effects of screentime on the health and well-being of children and adolescents: a syste... - 0 views

  • Only Hoare et al  20 reported on associations with anxiety, and found moderate evidence for a positive association between screentime duration and severity of anxiety symptoms.
  • adolescents using screens in a moderate way showed the lowest prevalence of depressive symptoms.
  • HRQOL as a formal measured construct was examined by Wu et al, 22 who reported consistent evidence that greater screentime was associated with lower measured HRQOL in 11/13 cross-sectional and 4/4 longitudinal studies. A meta-analysis of 2 studies found that ≥2–2.5 hours/day of screentime was associated with significantly lower HRQOL (pooled mean difference in HRQOL score 2.71 (95% CI 1.59 to 3.38) points) than those with <2–2.5 hours/day.
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  • There is moderately strong evidence for an association between screentime and depressive symptoms. This association is for overall screentime but there is very limited evidence from only one review for an association with social media screentime. There is moderate evidence for a dose-response effect, with weak evidence for a threshold of ≥2 hours daily screentime for the association with depressive symptoms.There is moderate evidence for an association of screentime with lower HRQOL, with weak evidence for a threshold of ≥2 hours daily screentime.
  • There is weak evidence that screentime is associated with poor sleep outcomes including delay in sleep onset, reduced total sleep time and daytime tiredness.
  • There was moderately strong evidence for an association between screentime and depressive symptoms, although evidence for social media screentime and depression was weak.
  • Evidence that screentime was associated with poorer quality of life was moderate,
  • We found no convincing evidence of health benefits from screentime. Yet some argue strongly that digital media have potential significant health, social and cognitive benefits and that harms are overstated.
Jill Bergeron

How to Structure a 60 Minute Class Period - Maneuvering the Middle - 1 views

    This site has a math focus but can definitely be applied to non-math classrooms since it mainly focuses on tools and not content.
Scott Nancarrow

Lit C.I.R.C.L.E. - 0 views

shared by Scott Nancarrow on 14 Jul 20 - No Cached
Jill Bergeron

Coronavirus: Close the bars. Reopen the schools. - Vox - 0 views

  • Reopening is a community-wide project. Whether a school can reopen safely, for example, doesn’t just depend on capacity, personal protective equipment, or individual actions. It depends on how widespread the coronavirus is in the community outside the school’s walls.
  • But if a community is flooded with infections, the chances are much higher that those infections will creep in no matter how many protective steps are embraced.
  • If you want to reopen schools this fall, then you need to get the spread of Covid-19 down, as close to zero as possible, this summer. And that means opting not to reopen — possibly at all and definitely not at full capacity — restaurants, bars, nightclubs, or other places that will lead to significantly more coronavirus spread but have less value to society than schools.
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  • The goal is to keep the basic reproduction number in a community below 1. That would mean that every person who gets coronavirus transmits it to, on average, fewer than one other person. Over time, that would lead to coronavirus cases falling closer and closer to zero. This number is typically calculated as the R0 or Rt, depending on the methods used. (Some websites, like, calculate this figure for all states, and it’s at 1 or more in most states.)
  • schools likely carry some risk of Covid-19 transmission, as an indoor environment in which students, teachers, and other school staff interact for hours. But schools are also really important for day-to-day life — not just for kids’ education, but also for food, shelter, and child care while parents are at work. Knowing that, a community may decide to fit schools into its reopening budget. The trade-off would be that other places, such as restaurants, bars, or gyms, more likely have to remain closed.
Scott Nancarrow

How Teachers Can Support PBL at Home | Edutopia - 0 views

  • First, assure parents that they are not expected to be teachers.
  • let parents and caregivers know what you’ll be doing to support students’ work on projects, make sure they know how to communicate with you, and let them off the hook for as much as you can
Scott Nancarrow

Revising Your Teaching Philosophy for Distance Learning | Edutopia - 0 views

  • As you revise your teaching philosophy, you might ask yourself the following questions, which are outlined below using the mnemonic CRISIS: Capability: What are the capabilities of your learning platform, yourself, and students? Reliability: Are your plans and software reliable?  Inability: What are you not able to do in this situation? Suitability: Are your plans suitable for the current situation?  Ingenuity: How can you be ingenious and still hold true to your philosophy? Sustainability: Is what you’re doing sustainable in the long term?
Scott Nancarrow

Updated ADHD guideline addresses evaluation, diagnosis, treatment from ages 4-18 | Amer... - 1 views

  • The DSM-5 criteria are similar to the 2011 guidelines with two exceptions. Fewer problem behaviors are required for those 17 years or older, and there must be evidence that symptoms began before age 12 years instead of before age 7.
  • The guidelines also emphasize ruling out other causes of ADHD-like symptoms and identifying comorbid conditions.
  • The stimulant medications methylphenidate and amphetamines in their various forms generally are the initial treatments.
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  • Behavior therapy is recommended as the first-line treatment for preschoolers.
  • the guidelines describe behavior management for preschoolers with ADHD as parent training in behavior management.
  • teacher training in behavior management for high school students with ADHD.
  • An updated process of care algorithm includes additional assessment tools with rating scales for anxiety, depression, substance abuse and trauma.
  • The guidelines and algorithm continue to emphasize the importance of considering ADHD as a chronic illness for which there are effective symptomatic treatments but no cure. Some individuals, however, attain the ability to compensate adequately as they mature.
  • the applicable age for diagnosis and treatment, which had been from 6-12 years of age, was broadened to include preschoolers (4- to 6-year-olds) and adolescents up to age 18 years.
    As of the 19-20 school, new pediatric med. guidelines re: ADHD
Scott Nancarrow

Classcraft - Coronavirus - Motivate your students, no matter where they are - 0 views

    On the off chance that schools cannot meet in person in the fall, this might be a really great time to dig into a full-on, gamification-theory-guided curricular overhaul! Several consortium science teachers nearby have been using Classcraft recently as a way to gamify their chem/bio/anatomy curricula, and kids I've spoken with say that it's pretty well done. Definitely an upfront labor-intensive project, but could be a great way to structure long-term remote learning...
Scott Nancarrow

Contents | Coronavirus Tech Handbook - 0 views

    UC library and ed departments are hyping this
Scott Nancarrow

During Coronavirus, a Teacher Describes the Scramble to Go Digital | Edutopia - 0 views

  • Quizzes and tests that can be gamed by googling the answers are out; reflections and open-book writing tasks are in
  • reading, writing, and discussing—all of which can be done in an online learning environment.
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