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Scott Nancarrow

Group Work That Works | Edutopia - 0 views

  • The most effective creative process alternates between time in groups, collaboration, interaction, and conversation... [and] times of solitude, where something different happens cognitively in your brain,
  • Unequal participation is perhaps the most common complaint about group work.
  • a handful of practices that educators use to promote equal participation. These involve setting out clear expectations for group work, increasing accountability among participants, and nurturing a productive group work dynamic.
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  • Norms
  • sign a group contract
  • creating a classroom contract
  • roles must be both meaningful and interdependent.
  • ummarizer, questioner, and clarifier
  • randomizing teams
  • public sharing
  • Rich tasks: Making sure that a project is challenging and compelling is critical. A rich task is a problem that has multiple pathways to the solution and that one person would have difficulty solving on their own.
  • be mindful that introverted students often simply need time to recharge.
  • if you want to grade group work, he recommends making all academic assessments within group work individual assessments.
Scott Nancarrow

Alexa Helps With Homework, But Problem-Solving Skills Are Key : NPR - 0 views

  • Still, he agrees that this debate is about much more than knowing what 5 minus 3 is. It's also about developing the patience to solve problems. "That ability to stay focused," he says, "particularly when something is not interesting, is one of the most important developmental skills that children acquire." In other words, it's not just about having the answers. It's about the work you put in to get them.
Jill Bergeron

Where Kids Find Hate Online | Common Sense Media - 0 views

  • Just by playing a game on the internet, looking up a definition, or maybe checking out some music, they'll encounter some of the most vile and offensive words and images that can be expressed in the comments section of a YouTube video, a meme in their feed, or a group chat
  • The intensity of these ideas, the frequency with which kids see them, and the acceptance by so many that it's just part of internet life mean that it's critical to talk to kids about this difficult topic.
  • Are tech companies really that dedicated to free speech, or do they just want more users?
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  • But when kids see the horrific race-, religion-, and gender-based attacks committed in the real world by members of online extremist groups, they must wonder why adults can't stop these hate crimes.
  • Ultimately, hate speech is an area where sharing your own family's values -- around compassion and tolerance, appropriate communication, and empathy toward other -- sets a stable path forward for your kids to follow even in unsettled times.
  • How would you feel if you were a member of the group targeted by cruel language?
  • Does it matter if you're exposed to it a lot or a little? Are people with different social statuses -- for example, a popular kid vs. a loner type -- affected differently?
  • What's the difference between hate speech and cyberbullying? If someone is trying to hurt someone, or knows that they're hurting someone, and does it repeatedly, that's cyberbullying. When someone expresses vicious views about a group or toward an attribute of a group, that's hate speech.
Jill Bergeron

Home | Jacob Burns Film Center - 0 views

    Clearinghouse for film and media literacy. There are exercises and examples for teachers and students to learn from.
Jill Bergeron

Curriculum21 - Curriculum Mapping Software Resources - 0 views

    Mapping software
Jill Bergeron

MEA Lessons - Home - 0 views

    Model Eliciting Activities- Examples
Jill Bergeron

Onward: Stories and Resources to Cultivate Emotional Resilience - 0 views

shared by Jill Bergeron on 01 May 18 - No Cached
    Resources to help support teachers in their work while preventing burnout.
Jill Bergeron

Anchors of Emotional Intelligence Institute in California - Yale Center for Emotional I... - 0 views

    PD on emotional intelligence and SEL

Grammar 101: A Space Odyssey by Bravo Grammar Book Fair Online - issuu - 0 views

    A High School Student from Bravo Magnet H.S wrote a definitive book on grammar and published on issuu. Proud to be an alumnus.
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