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kaine edwards

Perceptions of Social Loafing in Online Learning Groups: A study of Public University a... - 4 views

    What a great term: social loafing. I've never heard it before, but upon reading this article, realised I've experienced it often enough. Thanks.
    It's the first time i've heard of this term also. Very different from the term lurking. A little lengthy but worth the skim over.
    Very interesting article. I think it exists. I have perceived social loafing, definitely in my past online courses or at work.But I am not sure if that is true or not. What if I was also perceived as social loafer at the same time by others? Who is right then? Thanks for sharing it. I read and also bookmarked it. Ilona
Joanne Kaattari

Social Media and Politics - 4 views

Steve, that is a very interesting analysis. Especially of Twitter and tweets. Thank you.

politics obama social media #cck12 change


Reasons for Forums - 3 views

From "Moodle for Dummies" pg 159, Reasons for Forums: engage learners in collaborative projects enable learners to practice skills not supported in traditional class settings l...

cck12 connectivism #cck12 social networked learning

started by ce_bclark on 16 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
Joseph Shatsky

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace cry foul on Google+ search - 0 views

    Engineers from Twitter, Facebook and MySpace have created an open-source plug-in that they hope proves their worst fears about Google's decision to fold its social results into search - that Google is moving away from its mission to be a neutral directory of the Internet.
Joanne Kaattari

26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts - 4 views

    This article was recommended by social media guru Beth Kantor on her Facebook page. In my experience, if it is from Beth, it's great! It may be helpful in our blog set up and posting.
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