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M Jesús García San Martín

"Merry Christmas!" - 1 views

    Unidad didáctica digital interactiva para inglés de Tercer Ciclo de Primaria desarrollada con la herramienta de autor Malted.
M Jesús García San Martín

Merry Christmas! - 0 views

    Unidad didáctica digital interactiva diseñada con la herramienta de autor MALTED. Dirigida a inglés de 5º de Primaria. Esta unidad trata principalmente sobre las tradiciones navideñas en el Reino Unido, y además las compara con las españolas, con lo cual nos puede dar mucho juego en el aula cuando lleguen las fiestas de Navidad. Pero además, trabaja el presente simple, el imperativo, el orden de las palabras en las oraciones y enseña cómo hacer una receta de pavo, practica fechas, instrucciones, escribir un correo electrónico informal, o comprender y dar información personal. Cuenta con un cuaderno del profesor en formato imprimible que incluye claves de respuestas y transcripciones de audios, así como un cuaderno de actividades extra de consolidación también en formato imprimible. No olvides que para visualizar cualquier recurso TIC Malted, debes tener instalados en tu equipo Java y el plugin Malted Web 2.0.
Luciano Ferrer

Rang-Tan's Story | Iceland's Banned Palm Oil - 0 views

    "Last year I went to West Kalimantan in Borneo to see for myself the effects of the runaway growth of the palm oil industry. I came home firm in the belief that Iceland would not continue using palm oil until companies delivered on their zero deforestation commitments. This is because palm oil has had devastating consequences for local communities, who are being displaced, and on endangered species like the orangutan (our closest relative in the wild), which are being driven close to extinction. Palm oil has many benefits, chiefly that its yields are better than the alternatives. But it is grown almost exclusively in areas of tropical rainforest, which are the 'crown jewels' of our planet's biodiversity. With 146 football pitches of rainforest being lost every hour in Indonesia alone, the urgency of the crisis cannot be overstated. And global demand is set to double by 2050. At Iceland the 1,000 tonnes of palm oil we used annually pale into insignificance compared to many of our competitors. As such a tiny player we took the decision that the only way we could create meaningful change was to shout very loudly from outside the established palm oil industry. So we decided simply to stop using palm oil until the industry cleaned up its act. It was our own decision to give consumers a choice where previously there was none. We never called for a wider industry ban, and accept entirely that a wholesale boycott of palm oil is not the right long term solution. ..."
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