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Barbara Lindsey

Anatomy of a Project: "Give Me Shelter" | Edutopia - 0 views

    fall 2011 syllabus
Barbara Lindsey

Wes Fryer YouTube - Why We Need Pi - 0 views

    • Barbara Lindsey
      How did you learn pi and similar concepts? Could you use this approach with declarative knowledge in your content area?
    A cell phone recorded video created on March 14 ,2009, for the Film on the Fly movie contest. By calculating the diameter of the building using Google Earth, we were able to calculate the circumference (or perimeter) of the entire building.
Barbara Lindsey

A Difference: Flickring Mind Maps ... making learning sticky - 0 views

  • If the school division didn't have a filter this project could have started more safely.
  • I expect a lot of deep learning to come out of this. This assignment is being marked for completion only; if it's done they get 100%, if not they get 0%
  • I characterize this as assessment for learning.
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • there must be a minimum of 5 public pictures in the account in order to start this review process.
  • If they are real pictures, the public photos in the account are added to the pool of pictures in flickr searches and RSS feeds.
  • In the course of looking for the pictures and creating the annotated hot spots they will be thinking about the material covered in a new way and strengthening the mental links to the concepts they have learned. I hope to make their learning sticky.
  • reating digital mind maps of the material we learned way back at the beginning of the semester.
  • At exam time they can review all the annotated pictures in the pool made by themselves and their classmates. They will be teaching and learning from each other.
  • They can use the pictures in projects, assignments and blog posts. I will also be able to use them the next time I teach the course to benefit the next group of students. They will be teaching people they have never met. They are also building a permanent resource collection.
  • They are talking to other students and teachers in the building about this. A buzz is growing. Can you imagine the conversations they are having at home? They are involving their families and friends in their learning.
  • As pictures began to come up in public searches on flickr for each of the unique course tags, I created a flickr badge (you'll have to "sign in" to follow that link) for each class. I put it in each blog's sidebar under the heading "Our Math Photo Gallery." The engine behind the badges is the RSS feed associated with each unique course tag. Flickr generates these RSS feeds automatically.
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